End of September...Beginning of October...Who is Here?

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End of September...Beginning of October...Who is Here?
Sun, 09-30-2012 - 7:25pm


Just wondering who is here?...:smileywink:...

Pop in and say hello, and us ALL know how you are doing?

Any plans for October?

How is your Heart Health?

Any worries on concerns about yourself or loved ones?

Feel free to jump in!



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Your Heart Health CL

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Hi Lori. I'm here...LOL  It is 101 today, so my biggest thing for Oct is for it to cool off!!! LOL  My Saturdays are full watching one grandson play flag football and his sister playing volleyball. He's almost 10  and she's 7.  We will celebrate his birthday Oct 9th. And mine Oct 24th... sorry not revealing my age...LOL  Health has been pretty good. Nothing to complain about except that it's to hot to get out and walk or ride my bike, so this weight that I want/ need to lose is not going anywhere.

Hope everyone is well.

Rhonda in CA

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Thanks Rhonda for sharing,

No worries about the age thing...:smileywink:...:smileyhappy:...

I am fifty-four just celebrated mine birthday in July.

I have ds who lives with me and dd is on her own, no grand-kids...

We have our cats though, Mother and Daughter...:smileyhappy:...

It's 19 here or 66.2...

Really warm because we have had much lower temps and it's after 9 pm.

Beautiful day today but I had a real lazy day.