Province of BC will not disclose gender??!!

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Province of BC will not disclose gender??!!
Sun, 09-30-2012 - 9:31pm

So I have heard and read that the province of BC will not disclose the gender of the baby until minimum 20 weeks. If at all. Some Doctors will not tell you whatsoever. Apparently it is due to the high ethnic population and there was a clinic in washington where chinese and east indians would go for abortions if they weren't allowed one here because they were in the third trimester (obviously what that clinic did was illegal). At first I didnt think it was true but two friends who are currently pregnant and one that has had a baby both told me the same thing. I researched it and sure enough found tonnes of sites, some even news sites like CBC claiming this as well.

All I have to say is WTF?! Apparently sometimes if you are lucky your doctor will tell you, but the province claims doctors won't disclose because it is not medically necessary for couples to know. I live in Whistler, which is a resort town, and I have a feeling that will work in my favor since there are few people that actually live here and the ones that do are all white. Literally. Anyone of colour or a different race sticks out like a sore thumb. I just have a feeling my Dr may be decent enough to tell me. I don't actually care what we have, even though I'd prefer a girl, but I need to know for planning the nursery and buying stuff. I am not good with surprises and this is not one of those things I am even remotely ok with finding out at the last minute or the day of. How dare they paint all of us with that tarnished bursh. Simply because there are people out there who are inhumane monsters doesn't mean we all will  abort based on gender. Its bad enough this province doesn't offer first trimester screening but now this?? What is wrong with this place?? It infuriates me! It is not the governments right to decide if I know my baby's gender or not. I am the one having the baby!! Its like I am being violated in some weird way and having rights taken away from me. Anyone else know if this is true and if so how on earth I can get around it if my Dr doesn't tell us? Ive read some women went to Alberta just so they could find out! Or paid $500 for private screening.

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Mon, 10-01-2012 - 9:03am

Oh my goodness!  I would be VERY upset, too! 

Playing the nice card can often get you what you want faster than being demanding and mean (I'm not saying you're mean, just saying that I know when I get upset about something, I can be very forthcoming and it often works against me.  LoL)  .  I would try this:  When you go for the u/s, maybe try asking in your sweetest voice to see the gender?  If the tech says he/she cannot disclose the gender, maybe you can ask him/her to just let you see the area for your own observing?   (Sorry, I'm just brainstorming!  LoL) 

Maybe you could study up on the way boys and girls look on u/s before you go.  That is what helped me with mine.  I memorized like a million (not really, but you get the picture) u/s photos online, so when I went for my u/s, I was able to tell immediately what gender the baby was.  I have been able to tell what the babies have been for the u/s tech said it.  It definitely helped!  :smileyhappy:

I really hope you don't have any issues getting the tech to tell you the gender!  Now I'm anxious for you!

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