Welcome October D Y K

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Welcome October D Y K
Mon, 10-01-2012 - 8:27am
Happy October, ladies! What's new this month?


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Tue, 10-02-2012 - 10:21am

Well howdy chickies!!

Where the heck is everyone?

Although I am equally to blame?  Nothing exciting happening at this end of the world?

Weather has been LOVELY!?!  Oh my goodness it has been nice?  But that is all about to change on Thursday when we drop into the 40s?  Brrrrr?

This should just be a quick blip but it's a sucky blip to go through?

and living in MN, there is always the risk that we won't climb back up?  I'm not living that reality right now though:smileywink:

I have a garage yet to clean?

it was too nice this weekend, didn't want to clean the garage or basement?

although I did try to fill up some cracks that might have let the mice in last year?  I don't want a repeat of that?  ewwww

hockey try-outs are in full swing?  He made the first cut?  Another round of cuts tonight and Thursday with final scrimmage on Sunday IF he makes the A team?

those coaches that I was PROMISED were not returning?  Yeahhhh, not so much?  They will be coaching B1 again? 

If Max gets cut from A, they had better return ALL of our money fast and furious or they aren't going to know what hit them?  I have NOT seen the guy who assured me because he is going to get a LARGE piece of my mind?  I am actually hoping for sweet justice and that guys kid ends up on their team?!?!?

He will NOT play for those guys again?

Apparently the head coach had some brain tumor, not determined if it was cancer?  None of the parent I spoke to knew the real story and none wanted to ask?  He looks NOTHING like he used to?  You know how some people get puffy from steroids?  He has that times 20?  Hair obviously shaved off, looks like he's gained maybe 30 lbs?

BUT saw him smoking in the parking lot?!?!   First of all, he is having medical issues and he's smoking?!  Secondly, he's smoking in the parking lot of a youth facility that A. doesn't allow smoking and B. your players/parents can SEE you?!?!

Wondering if possibly his anger outbursts and attitude might have had something to do with whatever was going on with his brain?  Although I feel bad if he has a brain tumor, still can't forgive his behavior of last year?

The assistant coach stepped up to be head coach until this guy gets the all clear to skate again?  Max liked the assistant but there still is NO chance? 

Claire is really liking dance this year?  She is getting quite good at her turns and is hoping to do a solo at the first competition?  We'll see about that?

Confirmation starts tomorrow?

Hopefully Thursday I can decorate for Halloween?  I'm behind and it's making me crazy:smileywink:

IM'd with two dudes and gave the NEXT nod?  Still trying though?

Hope you're all having a fabulous start to your week!?!?

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Tue, 10-02-2012 - 1:38pm

Christol, good luck to Max with hockey. Hope he makes the A team?

So nice to hear Claire is enjoying dance?

How are the rest of you lovely ladies doing today?

We were supposed to have a busy weekend, but the rain kept most of the activities from happening?

Football games were cancelled and the camp out was, as well?

So, we only had a birthday party on Saturday and Lily’s volleyball on Sunday?

It turned out to be a nice low key weekend?

We just had new bedroom furniture delivered for our room?

We desperately needed something new in our room. It looks so much nicer now?

I just need to work on the bedding, wall décor, and curtains for the finished look?

I sold 2 dressers, a nightstand, king headboard, and bed frame on Craigslist?

I had over 9 people interested!!!?

I’m meeting with the testing team at Shelly’s school today?

I’ll be interested in the process?

The girls got their report cards on Friday and Shelly made 2 Bs and 2 As. I was pleased that all of the hard work had paid off for her?

Lily made all As…very proud of her. She takes school seriously and does her best?

We have an upcoming busy weekend…football game, school’s fall festival, a birthday party, and volleyball?

Oh, and I have volunteered to watch our neighbor’s cats---4 adult cats and 3 kittens!!!!!!?

Daisy was an offspring of the mommy cat they have?

So, I’m off to find out what I need to know about watching 7 cats!!? Hee Hee

Have a happy day?

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Tue, 10-02-2012 - 2:52pm


...OMG, **7** cats?!?!


...I wouldn't even know where to begin?

...will you go over to their house to care for them daily, or will they come to yours?

...Christol, I hope Max makes A and the icky coach stuff can be avoided?

...a brain tumor?


...that's sad?

...I have another shoot tonight?


...I should be working on a sneak peek, but I'm doing what I do best...procrastinating?

...it's overwhelming to have SO many sessions stacked, that are just staring at me to edit and finish them?

...and then booked 2 more sessions today, well...it isn't helping in the motivation department?

...yeah, I need to just dive in and get it done?

...things are rolling along here?

...nothing new or exciting to report?

...looking forward to some down time, but after viewing my schedule and adding more to it...yeah, not on the radar?

... :smileyhappy:

...speaking of, I'd best get to work...if I get behind, my working hours invade my sleeping at night time?  :smileyhappy:

...happy Tuesday, ladies??

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Wed, 10-03-2012 - 12:50pm

7 cats?!?!  That's crazy talk:smileywink:!!

Are they spending the night with you?

Missi, good luck with your shoots?  I'm sure you will be fabulous as always?  I know how being in the thick of it that it's hard to see the sun but you'll get through?  Maybe just a little take out food just because:smileywink:

Max made the cut last night?  The majority of his friends did not?  Actually none of his 9th grade friends that he goes to school with did?  He wasn't very excited to go to school today?

One of his friends that was cut after the weekend, saw his Mom last night because their ice time was before us, she was NOT friendly?  She was clearly upset and it was really uncomfortable? 

The kid stayed home from school on Monday after the Sunday announcement?

I am HOPING it doesn't hurt Max's friendship with him because Max likes hanging with him?

I really detest tryout time of year?

Confirmation tonight?  Keep your fingers crossed Claire knows someone in the class?

as I type she is giving her speech to be elected to student council?  She said 25 kids from 7th grade are running for 3 spots?  I hope she's exagerating?

Breaks done, better get to it?

Happy HuMp DaY Ladies:smileyhappy:

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Thu, 10-04-2012 - 9:29am

Dylan made the club hockey team (it's like the JV of the college, so he'll travel just not as much).  Starts tonight:smileyhappy:

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Fri, 10-05-2012 - 11:55am


...Congrats, Dylan??

...that's awesome?

...when do you hear the final cut for Max's tryouts?

...what do you all have planned for the weekend?

...we have NOTHING?!?!?

...gonna work in the yard?

...and get some stuff done?

...other than that, our XC meets are done for the weekend?

...both girls did well?

...Natalie gets stinkin' emotional after a run?

...I don't get that??

...it's just Natalie?

...Gerad's parents came in to watch the girls run?

...that was nice?

...Ok, I'd best get back to cleaning?

...needed a break after my kitchen floors?

...they were OVERDUE?

...but they're clean now?

...happy weekend ladies??

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Fri, 10-05-2012 - 12:46pm
Max made another round of cuts last night. Scrimmage on Sunday, if he doesn't get cut, he'll be a member of the A team!

Tonight, Claire is at a Girl Scout thing. Did I tell you that I let her join? It's after-school on Wednesday but before the bus so other than a little money, nothing I have to do except pick her up at the leaders house tonight because they are working on their badge. It's NOT close to our house:smileysad: Pick up at 9:30

Max is going to his HS football game, on the opposite end of town, pick up at 10:15. I actually wanted to go to the game because it's against the school I work at and I want to scope out the dance team for Claire but it's going to be 38 degrees!! I'll be at home chilling on the couch until I have to start driving.

Tomorrow Claire was invited last minute by a friend at school to an Ettiquette Class at a local hotel. It's from 10-1. 2 hours of classroom and an hour lunch/tea following. She's very curious to see what they'll teach her.

Birthday party from 1-4. Sameth's cooking so we get egg rolls, lomein, chicken wings and this yummy pork thing he makes. Can't wait!

Sunday Max has his final scrimmage beginning at 1 but has to be there at noon. The Twin Cities marathon is happening too, so I'm hoping to get my butt out of bed early and go cheer on friends who will be running by. They run less than a mile from my house and it's actually kind of fun but it is supposed to be 35 degrees!! Brrrr, not sure I'm that good of a friend:smileywink: and it's my only day to sleep in so we'll see.

Happy weekend ladies:smileyhappy:
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Fri, 10-05-2012 - 2:37pm

There are 7 cats…3 adults who stay inside, one who is an outdoor cat who comes in occasionally, and the three kittens?

It’s a bit crazy and I feel like it’s a huge responsibility to take care of them?

I haven’t seen one of the adult cats and one of the kittens. Don’t like that, but they hide?

Christol, Max sounds like he’s doing well. Good luck on Sunday?

Claire’s weekend plans sound fun?

Did Claire find out anything about student council?

Missi, nice to have a free weekend. Enjoy it?

The girls are spending the night at friends’ tonight?

John and I are making plans to have a fun night out?

Tomorrow is the fall festival and cheerleading show at the festival?

Sunday a birthday party and volleyball clinic for Lily?

Weekends seem busier than ever. Looking forward to one that isn’t so packed full of stuff?

I just finished a book that was so overwhelmingly sad, tragic, and scary…A Child Called It?

Lily was reading it and wanted me to read it, too?

It’s a series of books about a man’s life of child abuse?

Waiting for the ebook edition from the library for the second book. So compelling?

Hope the weekend is terrific for all?


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Fri, 10-05-2012 - 9:52pm
Karol, I have to tell you about when I looked after my friends cats a couple of years ago over Christmas!! There was the Mum & 2 kittens, the mum & brothers of our cat. Apart from the fact that one of them kept pooping on the carpet! I went one day & could NOT find the kittens!! The Mum turned up every day as i drove up, she had access in & out of the house through a high window that the kittens couldn't reach. We searched the house for over an hour, under everything, behind everything, everywhere!!! I even called her SIL to see if she'd been over & taken them for the day!!! I sucked it up & called my friend & told her that I'd lost them!!!!! She laughed & said it saved her finding someone to give them too!!!! We were so confused about how they got out though!!! The next morning the phone rang at 8am, a neighbour across the road had heard the kittens crying & found them stuck in her BBQ!!!! I searched the house again & we found a window open about 2 inches behind the tv unit!! The mum had made a hole in the fly screen & the kittens followed her out!!!! I was soooooo relieved!!!!
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Fri, 10-05-2012 - 9:53pm
Oh, & I've read that book!! Very disturbing!!!!