Welcome October D Y K

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Welcome October D Y K
Mon, 10-01-2012 - 8:27am
Happy October, ladies! What's new this month?


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Fri, 10-12-2012 - 1:46pm
Missi, I've also had irregular paps. Two, I think. Both were simply repeated and came back normal. Maybe I had three, because I remember one was repeated and the dr. used a big microscope and, again, it returned normal. I'm anxious for my ablation. I can't do it until we know for sure my tubes are closed. I find out in Dec. if they are. Good luck with it and keep us posted!


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Fri, 10-12-2012 - 9:24am


...I always have to smile at the gossip moungers at hockey and baseball? 

...we don't have that many in this hockey association but our last one, good gawd they were RIDICULOUS?

...I knew who to say something to if I wanted it to filter throught the association in record time?  They are also baseball Moms?

...I was in the association for a few years, at a planning committee for the parade, they all KNEW me well, I said that since candy is a write off for business, my partner and I would pay for it?  This was at 10 a.m., by 1 p.m., I had a call telling me that it was circulating that I was a lesbian and that's why my marriage had ended?  Seriously?!  I didn't defend or justify, I simply ignored it?  Everyone knew that I wasn't a lesbian and who cares if I was, it was just gossip to fill the day? 

...those Moms are the ones who greet you with a smile every single time they see you?  And, I smile back?  Because they are the ugly of the ugly and if you don't, they'll spread other rumors about you?  Ridiculous that at our age you have to have that mindset but at least I know what I'm dealing with?

...the parents that I know and talk to now, know that I will ask the questions, I will speak up if I think it's unfair or needs clarification?  One of my friends at hockey who is very passive but has similar opinions said, "they'd never let you on the hockey board, you speak the truth", lol?

...Missi, I hope they figure out your period stuff? 

...I never have a heavy thing going on, which I am grateful for?

...Alanna had that cyst removed a couple of years ago and she has had normal "ish" periods since?

...Max has hockey all weekend?

...tomorrow morning is the breast cancer walk and I was supposed to Zombie Crawl but it's supposed to be SOAKING rain?  The majority of the event is outside?  We need the rain but WHy does it have to be Saturday:smileysad:

...so, not going:smileysad:  At least I was an early bird buyer and am only losing $10 and not the $30 at the door?

...Sunday is Claire's first communion with about 24 coming to eat after?  She chose tacos and I think we'll call it a day with those and nacho fixings?  Too hard to make anything else to be "ready" when we get home?

...Happy weekend everyone?

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Thu, 10-11-2012 - 2:02pm
I was just thinking about the drama aspect of mothering?

I can remember a time when I loved knowing all about the issues with mothers, teachers, kids, etc?

Now, I love not knowing. It keeps me from being a gossip and keeps my head on straight?

It is so easy to get caught up in it. I am learning that when I listen to the gossip I don't always have to say anything. That was always hard for me in the past?

Now, I just focus on what is good for my girls and my family?

Getting old and learning new lessons in life has its benefits? :smileyhappy:
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Thu, 10-11-2012 - 1:22pm


...good info on the gyn experiences?

...thanks, ladies?

...I have 2 fibroid tumors on my uterus that cause issues with my cycle?

...they are the reason Owen was a c-section?

...I've been recommended for the ablation procedure, but I'm too scared to do that?

...and I'm unsure if I'm still a candidate for that with the tumors?

...frankly, I'm over it?

...I don't need it, and if they say I need a hysterectomy, I think I'll even be ok with that?

...I just don't know what my options are?

...so we'll do the biopsy Tuesday, I'll discuss my "dysfunctional cycles," as they've been called and see what she says?

...Christol, I'm similar to you with the pantyliner periods?

...only I get one of those the week leading up to my real one?

...so it's a two-fer-one deal?


...and when the real one comes along?

...I pretty well can not leave the house the 2nd day?

...it's horrible?

...so we shall see?

...Karol, I hope Lily is on the mend?

...and I am SOOOoOoO with you on the "out of the loop" comment?

...I have lots of friends, but not always in my girls' parents' circles and I think I sometimes come across as a bit of a loner, and I'm GOOOOD with that if it means no drama?  :smileywink:

...plus, I'm a little bit on the no-nonsense side and that doesn't always mesh well with the drama mama's?


...glad I made you smile, Christol?

...I hear ya...there's not usually TOO many idiot parents but just one will about throw me over the edge?


...and I'm the baby of the family so I'm not of the mindset that if you want something done right, do it yourself, like you Christol?

...I'm more of the bury my head in the sand because I don't like to apologize and I know I'll have to apologize if I have to work with certain parents? 


...so anyway, it sounds like you will have the team wear taken care of?

...that's awesome?

...I wish I had that get it done gene, but alas, I do not?

...ok, corn dogs are done, gonna go munch on some grub?

...thanks again for the encouraging words, ladies?

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Thu, 10-11-2012 - 12:59pm

Kelley, so good to see you posting?

How impressive that you guys are redoing the camper. I would love to see photos of the finished product?

Missi, that Natalie is quite the little athlete. Way to go on making the bball team!!!?

So glad she found some new friends through sports?

In 1999, I had an abnormal pap that was cervical dysplasia (fairly common). I went in for a procedure to have it removed (LEEP - not a big deal) and then had paps every 6 months for a while?

Haven’t had a reoccurrence of the dysplasia since then?

So glad your sister is going with you. Good luck with your appointment. Thinking of you?

Christol, you are on the ball with the team wear situation! Awesome?

Lily is home sick today---sore throat, headache, and a fever?

She seems to be a little better this afternoon than this morning?

Had a chai tea (they had coffee) at Starbucks this morning with two moms?

We discussed some drama with the cheerleading coach?

Glad I steer clear of that stuff. I don’t enjoy the conflict and try to avoid it at all cost?

I tend to be an out of the loop kind of mom when it comes to all of that. I like it that way and it’s much better for my sanity?

I am realizing this the older I get. I wasn’t always that way?

Shelly has a game on Saturday and Lily has her final volleyball clinic on Sunday?

Hope everyone is doing well?

Happy Friday Eve to all?

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Thu, 10-11-2012 - 10:30am


...WOO HOO Natalie!!??

...that is AWESOME!?

...you aren't alone on the abnormal pap?  I remember a lot of helpful comments while I was going through it from others around here?

...hopefully this biopsy will be the end of it?  If you have questions, fire away?  Very sweet of your sister to take you, it's nice to just have someone to chat with?  If I remember correctly, this first procedure shouldn't be much more than a regular visit you just might have a couple of drops of blood because they take larger samples?

...I am vigilent about going in the week after my period ends for my physical because it was when I didn't that I had the abnormal pap?  I "realize" that is not the reason but now it's my weird thing?  Problem is that now, I get my period every other week basically?  Seems like I have a pantiliner period constantly?  HATE it?

...that will be one of my discussions when I go in?  Finding out if I have options that I'm comfortable with?

...Kelley, SO nice to see you?  We've missed you girlie?

...can't wait to see the camper when it's done?

...what cool treats are you making this year for your camping weekend?  You guys have a competition right??

...Team parent is a thankless job?   Personally I like doing it though because I know what's going on?   It's the control freak in me, lol:smileywink:

...that said, I won't be the team manager for hockey this year?  Two other women wanted it, one being last year's manager for this team..her son is doing a 3rd year of Bantams because he's young for his grade?

...the coach looked uncomfortable with the proposal of "interviewing" us so I stepped out if I could take team wear?  Team wear is important to Max and I want to make sure it's done well?  Last year the A team had the sponsor on their back?  Ummmm, sorry..unless you're paying for the entire jacket, matching pants and a hat, your name is NOT going on the back of a jacket, it's going on the sleeve?  The sponsor last year gave $400 and the kids walked around with "the Eatery" on their back with a tiny logo for our association on the front right chest?  Really?!  $400 equates to $26 per kid?  I'd rather pay $26 more and have a jacket my kid wants to wear?

...BUT I have already lined up one sponsor who is giving us the jackets at cost, $40 per kid off?  Working on two others that will pay for a large chunk of our bus to Chicago?

...and Missi, "I don't deal with idiot parents" ROFL, I almost spit my water out, that's why we're all friends:smileywink:?  How can there be that many IDIOTs out there is my question every year?  But technically, it's usually only one or two PITAs that set the tone?

...need to get my funk done with this class?  I just don't care?  The class is fine but I REALLY don't like the instructor?   Good thing I'm not sitting in her class or my egg face would give me a D instead of the C that I will probably end up with?  Getting a C makes me feel sick but I told myself that Cs were ok...I just have to embrace it?  And, it would be one thing if I was getting a C because I wasn't putting effort in but to get a C when you are doing the work, that makes it tough to swallow?  I slacked this week and will be deserving the 3 point deduction for not posting my first "communication" on Monday even though it says first post by mid week, when I posted on Tuesday at 6 p.m., I received the deduction?  Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, sigh?

...Ok, better get to work, work?  I'm on phones right now BORING?

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Thu, 10-11-2012 - 8:44am


...Kelley, so good to see you pop in?!?!

...no wonder you've been scarce, though girl, redoing a camper?

...sounds like a LOT of work??

...but the pay off will be great when you finally get to use it?

...  :smileyhappy:

...I like camping, in campers?




...ugh, about the head coach/team mom stuff?

...NOT my cup of tea?

...I don't deal well with idiot parents?

...my verbal filter is non-existent, and that's not a good thing for a team mom?

...kudos to you?

...I know you handle it all with grace and dignity?

...same ol', same ol' around here?

...Mariah runs league tonight?

...they've won league every year since she's been in high school, so we're hoping for a three-peat?

...Nat finished XC strong?

...I'm proud of that girl?

...she wanted to quit because she wasn't "Mariah in 7th grade," but she quickly learned that that was NOT our expectation of her?

...and we celebrated each milestone with her?

...most of all, I'm impressed with her attitude?

...for the past 3 mornings, she's been getting up at 4:30 to be to school by 5:45 to try out for basketball?

...I have NO idea if she even has a chance...she's only played on a team twice, and she was MUCH younger?

...but I admire her lack of inhibition?

...my last pap came back abnormal?

...have you ever had an abnormal pap?

...yeah, my biopsy is next Tuesday?

...doesn't really sound like a big deal, and I could drive myself, but my sister has already said she'd drive me?

...I was very touched by that?

...she doesn't want me going alone?  

...I just got a text from Nat?


...aww...I'm so excited for her?

...and more than anything, a large part of the reason we encouraged (forced) her to go out for cross country is to introduce her to new girls, and hopefully encourage some separation between her and her current, unhealthy group of friends?

...so this will be very good?

...you know what?!?

...she DID make some friends in XC?

...so I'm crossing my fingers the same happens in basketball?

...OY, that means early morning practices?

...but it is so worth it to see her finding her place?

...and she's always really liked basketball?

...I think we'll be putting a hoop up this weekend?

...ok, on that note, I'd best get Owen ready for school?

...happy Thursday, ladies??

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Wed, 10-10-2012 - 2:01pm

Hello, ladies?

Life is still crazy here?

Noah is finally done with football?

Cole is still going?

I'm team mom since Frank is head coach?

It's more than I bargained for?

I thought all I needed to do was wash jerseys?

No such luck?

We have the worst parents ever?

And, WHITE jerseys?

Yeah, I'm working on getting the $ to buy a different color for next year?

We are on Fall break this week?

Next weekend is our Halloween campout that we always do?

We bought a camper that Frank's brother was remodeling and decided he didnt' want to work on any more?

We had a pop up camper that is in nice shape inside, but the roof has started to leak.  So we decided to take everything out of the pop up and put it in the other camper?

We've worked on it every weekend since Labor day and its still not done?

Frank will finish the electricity this weekend and Noah still needs a bed?

The boys and I have been working on it this week, too?

Noah helped me put two walls up and we stained the benches this morning?

Noah got straight A's on his report card?

Cole hasn't gotten his yet, but I don't think his will be that good.  I'm not really sure yet if he is struggling or if he is just being lazy?

Christol, I had to LOL at you not having your decorations up yet?

We have neighbors that always go over the top for Halloween.  I mean they have a coffin in their yard, lol?

Well I asked their daughter what was up since I hadn't seen any signs of Halloween yet and she said her dad is having heart probs and he can't do it.  I felt bad and she said the kids were going to decorate for them?

Congrats to Max on making A team?

Lauri, congrats on your RE license?

Karol, I'm glad my kids are older, too?

well, laundry is calling my name so I should probably go answer?



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Tue, 10-09-2012 - 2:40pm


...WOW, busy weekend Karol?  Although it sounds fun?

...cute bowls?  I actually need to get some because I am down to only 3?  That's enough for "us" but can't have any guests:smileywink:

...It was CHILLY here last weekend?  Did a lot of driving around?

...Claire really liked the etiquette class?  Talk about something we should have thought of?  $50 per kid?  They got a nice lunch and 2 hours of: introductions, thank you notes, table manners (they were even served sparkling juice to teach them where to put their wine glass), how to cross your legs, bringing out your inner prince/princess, etc?  The "goodie" bag was a copy of what they learned and a certificate of completion?

...I think I counted 50 kids?  Not bad for 3 hours, lol:smileywink:

...Nothing much going on this week?

...go and meet the coaches tonight?  I sent an email to the coordinator and offered to help with team wear since I already found a partial sponsor and was given a thanks but no thanks?

...I am also guessing I won't get to be team manager this year?  I pissed off the coordinator last year by daring to complain about the coaches and about stating it was inappropriate to have the coordinator have a child in the same level?  I was fair enough to say that his child deserved his spot but that it was a conflict of interest because his experience was different than that of the rest of the teams?

...sorry but I wouldn't change my complaint, just a little sorry that now I can't be the manager because I was good at it?

...we also need team wear on their backs by October 31 because we leave for Chicago on the 1st?  The coordinator said he's getting a committee together?  GOOD luck with that, pushing the window now with getting stuff and you want to form a committee??

...oh well, one more year until I'm on to the next mafia hockey group:smileywink:

...better get hopping?

...Happy Tuesday?!?

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Tue, 10-09-2012 - 12:17pm

Christol, so glad to hear Max made the team?

Missi, how is business going for you?

Carmen, miss seeing your cute decorating ideas on your blog! Update us on there, please?

Marie, how are things going for Kaylee?

Lauri, woo-hoo on the real estate license?

Helen, that was a crazy cat story?

Speaking of the cats…all went well. No problems and it was not a big deal?

We had a good weekend?

The girls spent the night at a friends’ house and John and I went out for the night?

We went to a place for appetizers and drinks, then to a comedy club (very funny), and then for more apps after the comedy?

So fun and lots of laughs. Great to have time out with just the two of us?

Saturday Lily worked at the haunted house at Shelly’s fall festival. Then the cheerleaders did some cheers and a dance at the festival?

Saturday night the four of us went to a new restaurant and had some fro-yo after?

Sunday was a party for the little girl Lily babysits for in the neighborhood?

She was turning 3 and it was so fun to see all of the cute over the top stuff mommies do at that age!?

Made me happy to have older children? :smileyhappy:

Then to Lily volleyball clinic?

I did a little shopping yesterday…bought some new Anthropologie bowls and got the little bowls, as well?

I have 11 of the bigger bowls and use them all the time! I bought 4 of the minis and thought they would be great for a variety of things?

I took my iPad to Apple because it wasn’t charging and they replaced it with a new iPad. Cool?

It’s so chilly here…high of 52 today!!!!?

Think I’ll go make some pumpkin muffins!?

Have a happy fall day, y’all?