I got relief AND won a sweepstakes (FINALLY!)!

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I got relief AND won a sweepstakes (FINALLY!)!
Mon, 10-01-2012 - 10:19am

I needed help after I had my baby with a problem I don't like talking about, especially with my male doctor who just doesn't get it.  I have the typical problem of not being able to lose the baby weight but also had the every day problem of constipation, which is not good to have after giving birth.  After a few weeks I was desperate and took my chances at the drug store.  Saw Colace and Senokot on the shelf.  Don't need a prescription and I took a chance and bought them both.  And my constipation is long gone.  And you know what else I'm losing?  A little bit of weight.  And you know what else?  I just won their freakin' contest!!!!  Just the Colace one but I'm going to keep entering both Walgreens contest because both seem easy to win.  Click both of these if you want to win --



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Congrats to you! I have a friend who enters contests like that and from time to time wins. She's got all kinds of little prizes and percent off coupons from various stores. lol I never thought about entering contests but suddenly I'm hearing about people winning so I'm taking the time to sign up for some. ;-)

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