New Kitten not getting along with 2 other kittens....

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New Kitten not getting along with 2 other kittens....
Mon, 10-01-2012 - 12:38pm

Hello! I have 2 kittens they get along marvelously well both are 7 weeks. I got a third kitten who is  slightly older by 2 weeks and is a little larger/bigger--he does not get along well with them. On top of that, he does not like to be petted or touched by my boyfriend or myself.

I have scoured the internet and dont know how to make them get along, let alone get him to like us. I tried introducing them slowly and now they can be in the same room together, but the new bigger kitten still hisses and bats the two kittens down....

Has anyone had the same experience and does anyone know what I can do? They don't seem to hate eachother, but they dont seem to get along either....


Any help would be great!

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Welcome to Cats and Kittens.  That's good that you have been introducing him slowly to the other kittens.  I would keep him in his own room when you can't be there to supervise him around your other kittens and at night.  I would go in the room you keep him in and just sit with him and talk softly to him so he gets used to you more.  Have your boyfriend do the same thing.   Offering him specail treats may help too.   Just give him a couple of pets at a time and don't try to give him lots of pets at a time. Playing also helps so get a fishing pole type toy and play with him a couple times a day.  You could get a couple of fishing pole type toys and play with all three at the same time, if possible and give them all treats together too.  Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to get cats and/or kittens used to each other, so you have to be patient.  All cats are different so he may not be a cuddly kitten, but may eventually settle down and figure out that petting is a good thing.

Good luck and I'm sure they will all get used to each other eventually. 


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Welcome to Cats and Kittens.

You didn't mention how long you have had everyone, but it can take some time to get everyone adjusted. Also, do you know anything about the older ones background? Socialization is so very important at a young age and if he didn't get it all, he is still learning how to get along with other animals and people. I would give him his own space and go slowly. Sit and talk to him - let him come to you. If you sit still he will get curious - reward that with a high value treat (deli turkey works great for this) and then let him move at his own pace. Remember that you are bigger than him and therefore can be scary. Get down to his level to play and work on introductions.

As to the other kittens, again, he may just not know how to relate. I trapped a kitten a couple of years ago who was about 3 months old. I could tell his social skills were...different. :smileyhappy: 2 years later, my other cats get along with Junior but I can tell they think he is a little weird. He integrated pretty quickly into the household, but I have been fostering kittens for years, so my permanent crew is pretty used to new kittens. Though that being said, it still can take about a week for them to tolerate new kittens into the house.

It is going to take time and patience but you will be rewarded. Let us know how we can help and keep us posted.


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Mon, 10-08-2012 - 10:31am

You have already been given very good advice, but I want to wish you luck with your kittens.  Like Leslie said, it can take a long time, so be patient.  They may never be best friends, but they will  figure out that all 3 are there to stay.  I have 3 cats which are 6, 12 and 18.   My middle cat does not really like the youngest but she tolerates her, even after 4 years.   They all have different personalities.  Let us know how it goes. 

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