I think this is it! My 2ww has turned into a 2ww plus 3 days...

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I think this is it! My 2ww has turned into a 2ww plus 3 days...
Mon, 10-01-2012 - 12:40pm

So, been trying for about a year. Last month my AF was 2 days late, so that was a tough blow. Though I look back on it, and nothing was "different" about the 2ww from previous months. cp was low, cm was creamy white, breasts were incredibly painful right after O up until AF.

I told myself that next time, i'm not going to go crazy and THINK i'm pregnant when I see the same signs: low cp, creamy cm, breast pain...

So what happens this month? Well my breasts never got sore. Some sensitivity in nipples and along the outside - but nothing like they used to be. This was very odd for me - no breast pain!? Another strange thing this month: instead of cm going right to creamy white, i had a day of stretchy-like opulecent cm. And usually my cp is low - it's been mid to high the whole time - and yesterday, i couldn't even touch it.

So no breast pain, no low cervix, stretchy clear, wet cm?

I took a test on the day my AF was due - negative. my cm was actually very wet, slippery and my cp was high.

I'm now on day 3 of a missed AF. So since last month i was late 2 days, i am a little more hesitant to think that this is "the real deal" this time. But day 3 and no sign of AF( tmi - i can usually see blood on my cervix the day before my AF is coming - like a "head's up" - but nothing yet)

I've also been incredibly tired for almost 2 weeks now. I am getting enough sleep but i wake up and i feel like i still want to sleep. I had been working overtime so i just thought i was tired from that, but still tired now. Yesterday I felt sick, like everytime i was standing, my body didn't like it, so i had to keep sitting.

Also, yesterday i had to go pee about 5 times within probably 3 hrs. Since i generally only go maybe once every 3 hrs, this was strange. Maybe it was because i was so thirsty! I drank a lot of water yesterday. I also didn't feel like eating dinner, though after i ate, i was feeling better - enough to eat pumpkin ice cream which i was craving! This morning i woke up at 3:30, then 6:30, then went to the bathroom again at 7:30, 9, 10 and 11:30. If i do drink before bed, i do tend to wake up once before i'm actually supposed to get up. But to go at 3:30 then get up again at 6:30 and then go again...?

Wednesday is my 2yr wedding anniversary. Although incredibly hard, if i don't get my AF by then, I am going to hold off in testing again until that morning. Because if i find out i am pregnant before then, there is no way i can keep it a secret and make it an "anniversary surprise"! haha

The wait is killing me. I am starting to think that this may really be it. Why would my body be so different this month ya know. And, why would i be so tired, and get sick sometimes if it wasn't because i was pregnant?

I worry that since it WAS late last month, that maybe it is taking its sweet time this month, too :smileysad:

I've had my AF be late for up to 2 weeks - how mean that would be, right! haha

It worries me that my 1st pregnancy test did show up negative on the day of my AF was to be due-- it was a cheap dollar store one, but still. I do have an expensive e.p.t. one that i am holding off in using until Wednesday...

Although each hour my AF doesn't show up, i really want to re-test! haha

I'm in limbo "to test or not to test"....