Ch 10 Characters aboard

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Ch 10 Characters aboard
Tue, 10-02-2012 - 10:28am

As soon as we got to DHS we went straight for TSM to grab fastpasses and along the way we were given fast passes for Star Tours for anytime so that was a bonus because Jace LOVED that ride.  Anywho after grabbing our fp I told Mario lets head toward the back of the park because we never really go that way so we headed for the streets of america.
We had been this way last year but Mario had not so it was all new to him he said he didnt even know this part all exsisted, lol. As we head off in search of characters we finally find Monsters Inc and we barely missed Mike but we got to see the man in blue, love me some sully.
I love standing next to him, makes me feel so tiny!haha After our monster conquer we head out in search of mcqueen and well we get lost along the way but not without a pic of course.
We finally arrive and there is not a line at all, score! So off we go to see lightening mcqueen and mater. Jace wanted to know why they couldnt sign his book because in the cartoon he can do things with his tire!lol I explained that it would take too much time to sign books cause it is hard for him to use his tire to sign books, he accepted that.
We then decided it we had time to hit the muppet show and when we arrived we still had 30 min till our ressie and the lady at the front said the show would start in 5 minute so we went in, but that was not the case we stood there forever and before we knew it there was only 5 minutes until our lunch ressie so we left and headed off to have a surprising lunch :smileyhappy:

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Sun, 10-07-2012 - 9:01am

I love the family pics with the characters! I wish we had some of those. Maybe next time I will borrow your idea. :smileyhappy: 

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