Cat pooping on floor!

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Cat pooping on floor!
Tue, 10-02-2012 - 12:43pm

Hi all!  I haven't been on these boards for quite a while but it was always a wonderful forum to get great advice.  So I am back  :-) 

My cat, Leo, is fifteen years old. He is very healthy and happy but suffers from occassional constipation. I give him a tiny bit of Miralax a few times a week but I was told to give it to him daily (I was afraid of overdoing it) but for the past week I have been constistent with the daily doses.  Also he was put on Urinary SO dry food and he loves it.  But it does cause constipation sometimes. He is just prone to it and the only food that really helped him was Natural Balance with Green Pea.

Anyway, he would occassionally poop on the floor now and again when he was having a hard time pooping in his litter box.   But fior the past couple of months it seems to be happening weekly.  I will notice poop in his box and think he is going well and the next day it's all over the floor in the living room or the hall.  I took him to the vet  and they ran blood tests and found nothing.   The vet said he will have to do a rectal exam next.  I don't know if it's behavioural bc I was working very little last year and things have picked up and I'm now working two jobs almost every day. It always seems to happen if I've been out all day or if I am away overnight. Also the Urinary SO food seems to make them pee more so I have had to change the litter more frequently than I used to.  Or maybe it's his age???  It's very frustrating to not know the cause.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I am happy to hear. He acts fine otherwise. He's always been very needy and very attached to me so it may be a seperation anxiety thing.

Thank you so much for listening!


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Tue, 10-02-2012 - 3:51pm

Welcome back.  That's sure frustrating.  I think that Leo is probably having a medical problem.  He could have IBD going on and it flares up is why he is pooping outside the litter box.  It won't show up in blood work.  IBD is usually diagnosed by x-ray and/or biopsy.  Leo could be having some behavioral issues too since you said that you aren't home as much as you used to be.  It could be that he poops outside his litter box when you are away because he isn't eating and/or drinking like he does when you are home and it throws his system off.   I would lean more toward IBD since he does have constipation issues. 

I think the S/O does make them drink more, therefore they pee more, which is good as it keeps the urinary tract working better.

I hope that you can figure out what is going on with Leo and get the pooping problem solved.


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Wed, 10-03-2012 - 8:36am

It certainly sounds like it could be a combination of medical and behavioral. I would take Leslie's suggestion and have them check for IBD. And in the mean time, consider adding a second box to the house to give him some options. That he is using it sometimes and not others make me lean toward a behavior issue. Adding an additional box will give you a better idea if that is what is going on with him.

It can be hard when they have issues and we can't figure it out.


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Wed, 10-03-2012 - 6:57pm


Sorry to hear about Leo missing the box on occasion.  This is somewhat common in elderly cats and at 15 he is most certainly a senior cat.   So he has bouts of constipation and a urinary problem if they put him on SO food, correct? 

Often senior kitties become confused and disorentied and some even have dementia and forget where the box is.  The same thing happened with my cat at around 12.  My kitty would frequently poop in the same room as the litter box just outside it.  She would make it in to pee though. 

Plus they may also have arthritis making it harder for them to get in and out of the litter box.  Here's a couple of good articles on senior cats and dementia.   I'm surprised that your vet wasn't more helpful and acted like this is totally behavioral since this is quite common in senior cats.

I would also make sure that he has easy access to two litter boxes spaced throughout the house and if multi-level there should be one on all levels of the house.

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