Tuesday's Update - October 2

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Tuesday's Update - October 2
Tue, 10-02-2012 - 3:53pm

Phyllis arrives at the tackhouse with a birthday gift for Faith. She and Nick discuss what she did to him. She still thinks they were better together than apart. Nick tells her love without trust isn't enough. Danny shows up at Christine's suite. She laughs that she was just about to come to his. Eden and Kyle jog into Crimson Lights' patio and kiss. Eden spots a news piece about Paul's case. Inside, Paul chats with Lauren and Michael about Daisy going missing - she was his only chance at an acquittal. Avery, Danny, and Christine join them. Michael excuses himself and the others discuss Paul's case. Avery says she needs to show that Ricky was a killer. Eden appears and offers to do the hypnosis again. The doctor arrives. He has a suggestion that might improve their chances.

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