8 Menopause Myths -- Busted

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8 Menopause Myths -- Busted
Tue, 10-02-2012 - 8:44pm

What going through “the change” reallymeans for your sex life, your body and more


#1 I refuse to get old(er) bwahahahahha
#2 is only a myth if you are a younger menopause person eh?
#3 Oh I can tell you about some mood swings, I sure can!
#4 luckily my skin is still nice, though yes I have the wrinkles :smileyvery-happy:
#5 no real problems there
#6 nope hasn't ruined my life...sheeeeeeeeesh
#7 just vitamins here
#8 a non issue for me
What do you all think?

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Thu, 10-18-2012 - 1:35pm

Visiting my board this morning and trying to figure out the new format, so decided to start here as an example....lol

It has been soooo many years since I went through the change that all I remember is that I was in my mid 40s, so I would not consider that as "old"! I actually sailed through it with very little discomfort, an the word "PMS" had not been invented yet, to my knowledge. I was divorced, busy working in my cleaning business, and had little or no time for health complaints of any sort.  I didn't have a need for any medications to handle menopause, thank heaven for that! I hear some really terrifying tales from others about how dreadful it can be!

My sex life was non-existant, as I didn't have time for the opposite sex, and by the time I did get into a relationship, I was well beyond the major throws of menopause..


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