Another loss :(

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Another loss :(
Tue, 10-02-2012 - 9:29pm

7.3 weeks today and went to the doc for u/s - showed no growth since last week and no hb :smileysad: just hearbroken!!!  DH is so wonderful, said "I didn't marry you so you could make me a baby, I married you because I love you, baby or not".  With 2 M/C at around the same time OB thinks it's chromosomal, we knew the other one was, and I'm sure it's due to my age.  Told DH if he really wants to give it 1 last shot, we'll have to do IVF with PGD, and even then there's a chance that none of them will be good/healthy.

Now I get to either wait it out or take the meds to induce the M/C.  D&C wasn't totally covered by insurance so I'm still paying off the one in Feb and don't want to go into more debt...

Sucky day!


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Tue, 10-02-2012 - 10:21pm
Oh sorry you have to go through this again. It is sucky to be hopeful for good news and then its taken away from u. I know its expensive on top of things..I just got done paying off the 2 d&cs I had to have in march. I think those suckers should be 100% covered for all of us ladies! You are already going through so much. I hope u get some answers and I hope everything works out if u try again. Let us know if u need anything, we are here for you
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Wed, 10-03-2012 - 4:04am

I'm so sorry you're goin thru this again, I hope the waitin doesn't last too long so you can start the healing process


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Wed, 10-03-2012 - 6:01am
I am so sorry. I have no words. Your dh sounds like an amazing man. You are very lucky. We are here for you.
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Wed, 10-03-2012 - 2:10pm
I'm so very sorry, Mel :smileysad: (((HUGS)))

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Sat, 10-06-2012 - 3:08pm

I am so so sorry sweetie!~ I have had a TOTAL of 4 early losses and one late loss with my Daughter Kloie Lynn @! 19 week due to a incomplete cervix:smileysad: I know the pain very well! We just did the Chromsonal testing with this last baby and they couldnt find ANYTHING wrong:smileysad: everything was normal and it would have been a boy Breaks my heart! I plan on NEVER giving up I have been through my own personal WOREST and I know that it will work out one day it will just take some time. HANG IN THERE sweetie I again am so so so sorry for your loss!

~Jessica CL.

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