Have you lowered your monthly bills?

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Have you lowered your monthly bills?
Tue, 10-02-2012 - 10:26pm

Once again, I find myself needing to lower my monthly bills. Have you called and asked what they can do for you? I called my landline phone company a week ago for something else and the rep said oh, and I can lower your bill $10. My total for this months bill was actually $20 less! Time will tell. Last night I called about cable/internet. Down $30 a month. Same services on both.

Have you had any luck? What bills have you managed to lower? (oh, tomorrow, if I have a chance, I am going to attempt more! lol)

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Mon, 10-08-2012 - 11:06am

When my son and I moved we were lucky to not have to pay to move our cable/internet.

We moved at a time when they were offering free no charge moving.

And our monthly bill has also gone down by about 30 dollars a month to...:smileywink:...

Our land-line is great as we pay almost 50% less than we were paying with another company and we also have caller id.

It pays to shop around.

Let them know you are not a satisfied customer.

I still have my cell but it is for emergencies ONLY.

My dd can text me and my ds can phone me, and it is less than 20 dollars a month.

We also are renting with our utilities included.

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Thu, 10-04-2012 - 10:30pm
I was able to lower my car insurance bill. I technically have 2 cars, but one is in really poor shape and I rarely drive it so it made more since to stop covering it. My bill is now $40 cheaper by just covering my primary car.

A few months ago I called my landline phone company to complain about how they don't have the option of e-bills, but charge you for a paper bill. Stupid right? I thought so too. I complained so much they've been giving me a $10 credit each month and I'm now paying less than half of what I was. I figure when the credit disappears I'll just call to complain again and will keep it up until they offer e-bills.

All of my other bills are already as low as they can get, but I keep my eyes peeled for any additional savings anyway.
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Thu, 10-04-2012 - 9:16am

This time with my landline, Frontier, I called to ask a question about annoying calls.. "This is a courtesy call about your credit card. There is nothing wrong but ..." I know it is fishing and we just hung up. BUT they began calling with no caller id. I called and asked if anyone had any ideas how to stop them. The rep said, sure! And I can lower your phone bill $10. Their plans have changed. Call your phone company or go online to see what their plans are. Before, when I called specifically to lower it, my dh had suggested that since we all 3 have cell phones we drop the service. I called and asked about lower prices and the rep told me, don't tell them I told you what to say but there is a department that can lower your bill. I am going to forward you to them and you tell them your husband wants to drop your landline. So, she forwarded me to them and I did. They took $10 off the plan I had. That was supposed to last 2 years. It lasted longer...  in fact it still is! Oh, and we have had inside wire which was $5.99 a month and this month went up to $6.99! We have only had them out 1 time for that. I called and dropped that. That savings is not included in my numbers above. (I am also going to cancel the wire maintanance on my cable which will also save $4.99 a month I think.)

My cable bill went up $10 this month. I called to ask why. I told them I need to LOWER my bills not raise them. He had to, again, forward me to another department, lol. I don't get as good of a deal as a new customer though I have been with them 18 years!!! But my cable and internet bill went down $30 a month. In a year it will go up $10 a month but that still is saving $20 a month!!!  Over two years that is $600!!!

Basically, IF you have seen/recieved a better offer from someone else, tell them that too. (that is supposed to help with credit card interest rates too..) Tell them you are looking into alternatives to their service.. (even if you only did it to talk them down!)

If you try, let me know how it worked.

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Thu, 10-04-2012 - 8:35am

Can you explain what you said to whom? I'd love to get lower rates for the same services especially with my satellite. I'm already so irritated with my provider, DISH, because they dropped one of the best channels, AMC, without any warning. I have missed two of my favorite shows Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

I have to have a landline phone because cell service where I live is spotty. I'd love to know how to lower the bill.