BC pills and pregnancy.

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BC pills and pregnancy.
Wed, 10-03-2012 - 1:51am
Ive posted something similar to this before, going on birth control pills to help get pregnant. Soo many people ive told about TTC they tell me to go on birth control for like 2 months and stop and ill get pregnant (thats what happened to the people they knew, I know everyone is different though). Im scared to try it because I have a regular cycle, I ovulate on my own (i think I get pos opks) and I dont want that to mess it up.

Im pretty much willing to try anything, has.anyone tried this and has it been successful? Will it mess my cycle up at all?

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Thu, 10-04-2012 - 2:16pm
I'm not sure what the risks would be, but have seen it mentioned before, especially before a member is going to do an IVF cycle. I would think that a month or two wouldn't cause any harm, something you could discuss with your doctor about. Try asking this over on the TTC Your First Child 6+ Months, they might have some feedback for you: