He's perfect... and I can't have him. :(

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He's perfect... and I can't have him. :(
Wed, 10-03-2012 - 2:29am

I don't often wonder if I'm in love - I see so many red flags when looking at men now - but I think I found the perfect guy for me.  *big sigh* 

He's beautiful (to me) and he's not available.  He's my supervisor at work, which means he's off limits.  I've been fighting this for months and am now just... sad. 

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I've been there.  I met someone a few years ago that I thought was perfect for me as well.  He turned out to be married.  As I've gotten to know him better, there are definitely negatives about him that I know I couldn't live with had he been single when we met.  I have to focus on those, and all of those "perfect" feelings go away.

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Yes, I met such a  perfect man many years ago too. He was my supervisor. Not a direct supervisor, but one level above my supervisor. I thought he was especially friendly to me. Took me out to lunch alone on my birthday. Waitress asked if I was his wife.  Asked me if I though he was old b/c his wife thought he looked old for his age.

I still remember the dream. I was at the beach. He was standing close to the waves beckoning me. However, I couldn't come out b/c there were broken glass in the sand between us.

He's till handsome, and smart as ever, 15 years later. He's a prominent executive (I saw his picture in a paper that's how I know).  I don't know if he's still married but we're not meant to be. Such is life. He's perfect but not for me.

We are not to dwell in the impossible. Love has a strange way of working. It's not our place to force it. It has to come to us.