Reporter was called "fat" and calls it bullying

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Reporter was called "fat" and calls it bullying
Wed, 10-03-2012 - 10:44am

Anyone else read this story? First, let me say that I find the letter nasty, mean, inappropriate and unnecessary. However, I don't find it bullying. It was ONE email. One nasty comment. When did it become bullying when you're just rude and stupid?

The homosexual kid teased mercilessly for his preferences who then killed himself (and the list of others just like him) -- that is bullying.

The girl with the huge birthmark teased daily and wouldn't come out of the house again after years of verbal abuse -- that's bullying.

The overweight waitress teased by her supervisor day after day who finally quit and preferred being unemployed to the endless teasing -- that's bullying.

The disabled child teased daily by his classmates for the speech impediment -- that's bullying.

But one nasty comment? Nah. Not even close. It's wrong, and the guy is probably a bully..but was he bullying her?

What happens when we use the term 'bullying' for everything? Eventualy, the real cases, like the ones I've listed above -- the ones that result in death, financial strain, anguish -- no longer are seen as serious. They're just one of a long list of 'bullying' that we'll become insensitive to.

Let's save the term for the serious cases, not just where someone's rude and stupid. He made an inappropriate comment and was stupid enough to put it in writing, but unless he continues to do it, he's not bullying her -- he's sharing his opinion.