October Journal

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October Journal
Wed, 10-03-2012 - 2:02pm

Welcome to a new month everyone, according to everyones journals we're all doing quite well.  Keep up the good work everyone!

Comments/questions from September's journal:

LBW - I know at the University where I work we see students overextending themselves all the time to beef up their resumes - honestly I don't know when they sleep! LOL

This is definitely something I'm doing differently in grad school.  In undergrad I worked more than one job (I made way less money then so I had to work even more), took at least 6 classes per semester, and had quite a few family obligations.  I wanted to spend more time exploring careers and having fun, but I really couldn't afford to.  I sacrificed sleep a lot more back then for the sake of working, studying, or spending time with friends and it really wasn't worth it.  I often woke up with my face plastered to a textbook, in the middle of a meal, etc.   

Now with grad school I'm not doing that.  When I'm tired I go to sleep regardless of what is still left to do.  There will always be more work, more studying, more chores, more errands and there is just no sense in my being tired trying to get everything done.  I'm also making sure that most of what I spend time on is stuff that I WANT to be doing.  In undergrad over half of what I spent my time doing I absolutely hated.  Whether it was a sucky job, a class I had no interest in but needed for general ed requirements, negative friends, or a bf that made me miserable.  Well I'm not putting up with that anymore.  What I learned in my years off from school was that I don't absolutely have to do anything.  Yes I have to make sure my needs are met (having my wants met is a nice bonus), but I can choose how that happens.  

I can't believe you guys are still so warm - we're expecting the temps to take a big dip this week into much more fall-like weather.

It's supposed to drop to the mid 80s this weekend, but after that the temperatures could rise again.  Experts are predicting this will be a very warm October, which I don't mind so much actually.  It gives me time to get ready for winter...get my car serviced, stock my kitchen with crock pot goodies, and get some cold weather clothes and shoes.  Because of where I'm going to school I'm actually going to have to buy way more cold weather gear than usual because its always 20-30 degrees cooler there and there's a lot more rain and fog.  Where I live sure it gets cold and sometimes rains, but you can still quickly dash about in your flip flops and no jacket.  At school I'd turn blue before I got out of the car lol.

It really is good of you to look at extra oppurtunities for your resume - and like you said - everyone wins.

Agreed.  It is very important to me to do this now because I didn't get to in undergrad.  I suppose I could have tried harder to make it work in undergrad, but I was barely keeping my head above water so it really seemed impossible.  Now everything seems possible and I'm more focused on what I want to do so finding opportunities that will give me a boost is important.

What is H&M - doesn't sound like a store we have near me.

I would describe H&M as a trendy department store that mainly sells clothes, but has some accessories.  They have stuff for women, men, and kids, but their primary audience is women.  Also their prices are crazy affordable.  Basic tees for 6 bucks?  That wasn't the sale price, it was the regular price.  Since I'm trying really hard to try new fashion styles its a good place for me to shop because they don't just have casual stuff.  They have work attire, date night attire, lounge wear, etc.  Layering is also a big thing to so most of their pieces are designed for mixing and matching.


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Yup a cutie will definitely motivate you on a workout!! LOL And seeing them is a good first step LBW!