Wednesday's Update - October 3

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Wednesday's Update - October 3
Wed, 10-03-2012 - 4:15pm

Daniel tries to cheer up Phyllis on the coffee house patio. Heather enters, looks at them, and walks inside. Phyllis realizes that Daniel has been seeing her. Inside, Kevin lets Heather know about his security cameras. Heather tries to make an excuse for her and Daniel going into the washroom together. Phyllis rants at Daniel on the patio while Chloe sneaks past. Daniel denies dating Heather, and Phyllis takes off for a massage. Chloe confronts Daniel about lying, and threatens to cut his ponytail off if he won't come clean. He admits he likes Heather and tells Chloe she just dislikes her for being with Chance. He swears her to secrecy. Chloe comments about him and redheads. Daniel says she can't even tell Kevin. Inside, Kevin warns Heather that Daniel has baggage, but she counters that he's a good guy and is a great dad. Kevin gives his blessing. Heather swears him to secrecy because she's prosecuting Phyllis. Kevin defends Phyllis, but agrees to keep quiet. Later, Chloe and Kevin make small talk but both break. They tell Daniel and Heather they suck at secrets. The four sit on the patio and Daniel refers to their 'code of silence' - he thinks Kevin and Chloe can help them get alone time. They're in.

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