Some good work news!

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Some good work news!
Wed, 10-03-2012 - 5:00pm

So we had to come up with a proposal for Big Client to keep their business, a competive bid, which we've never done to my knowledge. We' worked on it for about a week, trying to make it amazing.

Anyhoo. At the staff meeting on Monday the project gal in charge and I were called out for out outstanding-ness. It's pretty big to be mentioned in the staff meeting. So that's Thing One that was pretty super. Well, the gal we submitted the proposal to, she LOVED our proposal, and is recommending to her bosses that they stay with us. So, Thing Two is that our managing partner called us out again, this time in email to the other higher ups, for the work we did to make it happen. :smileyhappy: It may not translate to raises or anything, but, it's still pretty sweet to be recognized for our hard work. I suppose there's a chance that her bosses won't go with it, but it's unlikely. We've had their business since 2003 and quite frankly, we're amazing. We can turn reports on a dime, and always are adding extra stuff without it costing them extra. So, I think we're good.

Just wanted to share. I'm THRILLED that we're keeping them. I was wondering what I was going to work on if we lost them! It's great for the company, but for me also. I love being the only one in my department who is responsible for one particular client, and such a big one. I work really hard at it, too. :smileyhappy:

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Thu, 10-04-2012 - 10:24am

That is fantabulous!!  I do love it when hard work pays off.  Atta girl!

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