Snow in ND today - Not ready for this!

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Snow in ND today - Not ready for this!
Thu, 10-04-2012 - 11:13am

We seem to get a freak storm here and there, it will melt and be back to fall temps before winter sets in for a long 7 months or so. But there is nothing like these freak storms to remind you that you are NOT prepared with winter clothes! I think we're always in denial and leave it for last minute.

Dressing a baby for winter is tough - things are too bulky for the carseat but it's sometimes WAY TOO COLD here for just a good heavy blanket over the carrier. Socks don't stay on well, and get pulled off anyway. Too much bundling makes for a hot baby. It's frustrating.

Time to go through the clothes and get the cold weather stuff ready.

Anyone else NOT looking forward to winter?


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Thu, 10-04-2012 - 11:08pm

Me!!!  Unless of course it is like last winter.  I'm in MN and saw the snow on the radar.  We were hoping for some rain here but didn't get any yet.

I agree it is so hard to dress baby but it is much easier when they're smaller and still in the carrier!  I usually do a hat and light mittens with a med weight blanket in the carrier and have the cover over the top and then cover all that with a heavy blanket.  That way they seem to stay warm enough while outside but also have layers that can be taken off in the car or store.  As for the socks, I have been putting on some soft soled shoes even though they are still too big.


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