A Mind -Body -Spirit Retreat to Elevate Self-Esteem?

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A Mind -Body -Spirit Retreat to Elevate Self-Esteem?
Thu, 10-04-2012 - 1:15pm

I have a vision for a retreat, with the intention to help women discover their voice and align with their true authentic values (separate from their husband, boyfriends, friends and even parents, particularly separate from their mothers).

I'd love to hear thoughts on this.  Here is my vision, but I'd love to hear more ideas:

A beautiful sunny, mountainous - lake destination, surrounded by nature, waking up at 7 am for yoga and meditation outside with a cool breeze (or sleeping in), followed by a nutritious and detox friendly breakfast. Time to relax at the spa with a facial or massage, time play outdoors hiking, kayaking, swimming, biking, time to learn and grow in gatherings and journal writing, time laugh with new women friends and enjoy social dinners in the evening. I want a retreat that expands my mind, nourishes my body and lifts my spirit! This is what I would like to CREATE for me and you. Please share your thoughts to make this idea even better ♥

I know many people are suffering out there and I want to help ease the burden. We are all magnificent beings underneath all of the pain and self-doubt.  We are either expressing our full potential or experiencing everything in the way of it (which can be quite painful).

Open your heart to a new possibility, if only for a moment.  What would make your heart sing at this retreat or any other retreat?