What to Expect from my ML now that we are EXPECTING! Input from ML's is welcome!!

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What to Expect from my ML now that we are EXPECTING! Input from ML's is welcome!!
Thu, 10-04-2012 - 2:57pm

For people who have or have not read my post about my in-laws who do not like me very much, my husband who went behind my back and told my secrets to his mom, and our journey to try to have a relationship with them. I am looking for some advice.

We were not planning this wonderful surprise, I guess I am that 1%, but he or she is on their way and I am excited, worried, scared, but excited.

Just talking about his parents used to stress me out, but for the last few weeks I could have cared less. However now that its official I have asked my husband not to tell anybody that right now it just needs to be us. We are still in that scary before 14/20 week mark. We had discussed before that if his family and Us have not resolved our issues that I was cutting ties with them. I was not going to have them stress me, or my sweet darling child. So here is the deal...

This last week we found out we will be expecting our first child in the end of May or beginning of June. Our next meeting they kept talking about having never happened, they never gave us a time and when we tried they were never available. I also just got some info from my husband that tomorrow is a birthday party for his sister. I had been asking if they were doing anything but I kept getting the run around. For the health of the baby and me my husband and I have decided that until 20weeks we are not going to tell his family or be around them. Well that’s the plan any who not sure how this is going to work with so many holidays in-between now and then.

What are your opinions? I am a first time Mom and I don't want to keep his family from our child, I just want to make sure that I have a healthy pregnancy.

Wish me Luck and please fill free to leave me any helpful info. :smileyhappy: