Did anyone else make the MISTAKE of buying Halloween candy already?

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Did anyone else make the MISTAKE of buying Halloween candy already?
Thu, 10-04-2012 - 4:31pm

Just wondering if I am the only idiot out there!  Went to Costco yesterday for the monthly shopping trip and stupidly bought a bag of candy.  AHHHH....  Now that bag is OPEN and will be living in my house for the next 4 weeks!

WHY???  WHY did I do it?  Or to put the question another way: Why bother running on the treadmill if I am going to eat those calories in candy?

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I usually buy the Halloween candy at Costco too. I wait until about 10 days before Halloween, then put it somewhere out of sight until the 31st. Before I bought it at Costco I used to buy candy that I don't like (Almond Joy) so I wouldn't even be tempted to eat it. I get it at Costco now because of the price, even when Halloween is on a schoolnight we give away the entire huge bag (one piece per kid) by about 8pm. I'm thinking about not passing out candy this year which would solve the problem of the temptation!

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I never buy my candy this early.  Usually buy it at Costco,.....about a week before Halloween....or less.....and it can't be opened until Halloween.  Keeps the temptation less!  Of course if we don't give it all out.....then it is fair game!  LOL!! Here's hoping that you resist the temptation!