A loss for our family

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A loss for our family
Fri, 10-05-2012 - 1:03am

Two saturdays ago I received a call from my mom in tears saying that my Uncle, her youngest brother, Had killed himself. He had been struggling with  life long depression and rx drugs and alcohol abuse.

My other uncle, her oldest brother, had taken away all his guns several months back because of comments like "I wish  I could sleep forever and never wake up". He also was heavily in debt due to unsuccessful attempts at those quick turn around rehab places. And to make matters worse his Dr would just keep filling those rx's even though family members met with the Dr about his addiction. But they were told to mind their own business and to leave.

Finally after nagging his brother about needing a gun to go duck hunting (southern family thing) he got one of his shotguns back. Then a week after his 50th birthday, he was found by his brother (Who had to crawl through a moble home window) in bed dead from a point blank gun shot wound to the face.

After speaking with my mom about him. I can't say that I wouldn;t have done the same. He was sick and couldn't find the help he needed. But he was also very hard to get along with.

Service was held last week in the city he and most my mom;s family live in. He was cremated and my parents brought the ashes to the family plot which is about an hour from me. We had a small burial for him. Just my parents, Myself and my dd. Dh had to work and right now we need that $. It was nice and calm. My DD found 3 acorns and put them in front of the box of ashes along with the flowers. We read a few poems and then called it a day.

My mother;s family is very smart, the women are sharp tongued and hard as a rock. My heart broke for my mother's family. There are seven with my mom in the middle. They lost my Aunt the youngest to leukemia in 97 and now another....

It was hard to see my mother weak.

So I'm pretty disturbed about it all

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Fri, 10-05-2012 - 2:36pm
I'm so very sorry about your uncle, Cat :smileysad: Sending you and your family lots of P&PTs, I hope that you all can find some peace with the situation. It is so hard to see your mom hurting and in pain, especially when they are usually the rock you turn to. You'll be in my thoughts.

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Sat, 10-06-2012 - 5:14am
Really i am feeling so sorry to read your condition. But do not worry everything happens for a reason.So there must be somthing good about to be happen in your life further. so cheers:smileyhappy: