Finally Friday 10/5

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Finally Friday 10/5
Fri, 10-05-2012 - 9:04am

Good morning!

Well, I haven't totally figured out what I am going to eat today, so I'll edit it all in later after I get home from work.

B - 2 servings of Astro Zero yogurt = 2 points.

Hope everyone enjoys their day!


Edited to add:

Snack:  dry roasted almonds = 6 points

Lunch:  egg white and turkey bacon sandwhich on ww whole wheat bread with light cream cheese, watermelon = 7 points

Snack:  raw cauliflower, an orange and cheddar cheese = 6 points 

Supper;  left over roast beef and roasted potatoes with celery = 10 points

Snack:  low fat fudge icemilk bar = 3 points

Total planned points for today = 34 points