Pregnant with Mirena IUD???

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Pregnant with Mirena IUD???
Fri, 10-05-2012 - 10:39am

Hi...I was just wondering if anyone has ever gotten pregnant with a Mirena inserted.  I took a test on Monday and it came up negative but I have 4 kids and i KNOW how I feel when i am first pregant.  I have never been wrong.  And so now I it the Mirena that is actually causeing the symptoms of pregnancy or am I really pregnant and it was too early to test.  I have nausea, sore breasts....even heart burn....I just FEEL pregnant and I'm so confused!

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Sat, 10-06-2012 - 10:07am
Have you contacted your Dr. for a blood test?
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Sat, 10-06-2012 - 5:47pm
Sorry...I have been lurking :smileywink: I have the mirena and felt the exact same as you last month. I knew for sure I was preggo, but kept getting bfn's. Turns out it WAS just the mirena messing with me. My OB said it was common to get random pregnancy like symptoms from it. I would definitely do a blood test to double check since pregnancy with an iud is high risk. But I just wanted to let you know you aren't the only one feeling it.


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