Evaluation and Management for Infant with Hypontonia

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Evaluation and Management for Infant with Hypontonia
Fri, 10-05-2012 - 2:48pm

I wanted to pass along this article written by a pediatric neurologist  for doctors about diagnosisng hypontonia:


I thought it was interesting to see the doctor's point of view and what they would be looking for when making a diagnosis. Was there other criteria that  your doctor asked about with your child?

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We got flagged via feeding issues, followed by late milestones.  I steamrollered over my "wait and see" pediatrician to get a neurological assessment and EI evaluation.  It was probably easier to spot b/c Aaron's hypotonia is worse in his upper body and face.  If it were more lower body, we might not have picked up on it until he was late on walking.


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