Testosterone May Delay Boys' Speech

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Testosterone May Delay Boys' Speech
Fri, 10-05-2012 - 2:56pm

Having two boys with speech delays made me very interested in this research finding, that increased levels of testosterone before birth can cause speech delays: 

The study followed the children during the first three years of life, checking development stages each year.

They found that 3-year-old boys with the highest umbilical testosterone levels were more than twice as likely to screen positive for a language delay, compared to boys with the lowest testosterone levels.


My one question is what could be causing the higher levels of testosterone.  For me though, one of my boys is a twin, and his twin (also a boy) didn't have any delays so it makes me curious why one was affected and not the other.  There does seem to be a higher prevalence of boys in ST at school versus the girls.    

In your experience, are there more boys with speech delays than girls?