Friday's Update - October 5

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Friday's Update - October 5
Fri, 10-05-2012 - 4:39pm

At the Club, Genevieve and Jack tell Tucker he has no options - he either sells BON back to Jack or deals with the SEC. Tucker says he'll decide when he's ready. Katherine, Devon, and Harmony enter. Tucker tells them if they're looking to lay into him, to take a number and line up. Tucker asks Devon not to cut him off, but Katherine can't believe he's asking for consideration. They bicker. Kay says she was proud of him and would have passed on her legacy, but it's all lost because of his careless disregard - he's out of the will and Devon gets it all. Tucker tells Devon he's glad for him. Devon says he'd rather have a father with integrity. Devon goes to sit with Kay and tells her he's uncomfortable with all of this - he feels like a chess piece again. Kay says she wanted Tucker to know what he did was unforgivable. Meanwhile, Harmony confronts Tucker about using Sharon - not cool. Harmony finds Devon and tells him not to let Katherine come between them - he should leave the door open. Tucker appears and apologizes, but Devon isn't ready to accept it - he may never be.

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