News: Breastfeeding should be illegal! (edited to included author's own description)

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News: Breastfeeding should be illegal! (edited to included author's own description)
Fri, 10-05-2012 - 10:25pm

I found this video from a guy on Youtube who argues that breastfeeding should be illegal. This does not appear to be a hoax but I can't say for sure. This is one of the few arguments for making BF'ing illegal that I have seen recently that was not either a clear or likely hoax or made by a clearly crazy person, assuming it's not just a well disguised hoax on his part.

Here is the description he includes with the video:

This is a video I made to endorse the idea that breastfeeding should be illegal, and I explain why. I've always thought of the medical doctor as a patriot because a doctor's primary responsibility is to preserve the life through which all other liberties are received. This warrants a certain ethical obligation for doctors to be socially and even politically active in the causes of promoting scientific exploration, like promoting freedom of scientific exploration, mainly including the uncorporatization of the healthcare industry. Scientists can no longer afford to be detached from the politics of our modern world. It may have once been unethical to be active in such matters, but we have evidence now which says that this is no longer the case.

When I'm a doctor, I want to advocate a paradigm shift in society that emphasizes the dangers of mothers breastfeeding their children, and ultimately work to illegalize the act in all countries on the planet. It is my belief that whatever physical health benefits may be present for a breastfed infant, the long term psychological damage does not outweigh any short term physical strengthening the child may receive from breast milk. The fact that breastfeeding is not seen by the majority as a psychological abuse of a child warrants such advocacy, and this advocacy is severely needed before anymore young children can be hurt.

The need for advocacy is most warranted by the baffling belief that breastfeeding is not a sexual act. This belief is absolutely crazy. It's been proven that the whole reason for which men in the Western World view women's breasts as sexual characteristics is because of subconscious urges, taught to them through the experience of being breastfed as infants, that shape their sexual preferences throughout their lives. From the very first moment they learn to associate the breast with its questionable nutrition, a person's mind is subject to control by another human being. The psychological damage outweighs any nutritional gain, and it goes against our First Amendment rights. Being mind controlled is certainly something we should all be protected from!

Frankly, the implications go far beyond the psychological/sexual abuse of just the people who were breastfed. This is a typical example: Imagine a timeline of events, beginning with two populations, one that is breastfed and one that isn't. The infants who are breastfed will grow up with a psychological dependence on their mothers. The population of infants not breastfed will not develop that dependence, at least not as much. By the time these populations reach adulthood, which one will be more productive in society? The answer is the population that wasn't breastfed, simply because people with less psychological dependence on other people are more capable of going out to become productive citizens. It's difficult to ascertain that conclusion because, in many cases, other factors such as how much money a family has, or perhaps the death of the mother, will affect the child's development. The fact is, though, if a mother is unfit for parenting, she's also likely poor, too, and would favor breastfeeding her child simply because it's cheaper to do so. Because the mother is unfit, it is then a dangerous act for the child to become psychologically dependent on somebody who's not fit to make proper decisions for the care of her children, such as encouraging the child to go to college, avoiding lovers who show no interest in the care of the child, or not being emotionally abusive when the child makes mistakes. Children learn everything about both sexes from their parents, and if one or both parents are unfit, it's essential to prevent as much psychological dependency from forming as a responsible society possibly can because, if you really look deeply into why societies underperform, the cause for that could almost always be found to be deep-rooted in a psychological dependence on a negative influence they developed as young children. These influences that believe in breastfeeding are likely the same people who think college is an impossible waste of time, that the government is constantly conspiring against people, or that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and they raise their children to believe these things. Even if there are intelligent women who breastfeed, the obvious conclusion is that, when you look at society, they are decidedly in the minority, and allowing breastfeeding to remain legal puts babies with unfit mothers at serious risk for their entire lives. The medical doctor is in the best position to understand this timeline, and, if they're really a doctor, they should be concerned with putting an end to an act that has hurt more people than it's ever helped.


Here is the video itself:.


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Sat, 10-06-2012 - 1:59am

I managed to see about two thirds of it before it froze and would not play more.

At the start, he was talking about the necessity of being free from corporitisation. Then his whole approach changed. Does he not realise that formula companies, and the way they market, are one huge example of the corporitisation of feeding/health? 

His argument that people who are not breastfed will be more psychologically independent and therefore such populations will make for a more productive society is an odd sort of an argument. He also argues that men are fixated on the breast as a result of being breastfed, and this therefore is not good. He has not considered any alternatives, eg that a possible reason for some degree of breast fixation is due to no BF or shrot-term BF, rather than full-term BF, and weaning at a natural pace. 

I know many of us who have used child-led weaning and/or longer term BF, can attest to the independence that results in these children. They quite naturally develop this independence because of their mother's psychological support.

His whole premise seems to rest on the idea that in order to be better functioning, we need to be much more psychologically independent. Yet, is there anything wrong with seeking support in friends, partners? or colleaagues? Surely, to be like he is describing is more emotionally cut-off from the world. All right if you are a robot I guess, but not really for people. we are meant to be social.