'Pagan Paths' in poor iVillage index

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'Pagan Paths' in poor iVillage index
Fri, 10-05-2012 - 10:33pm

While looking around in the iVillage newsletter I found a link to the new Message Boards index so I did some looking.  Why is 'Pagan Paths' found under the main index heading of 'Love and Sex' and a sub-heading of 'Women Like You'?     Yup, - - if I were looking for a Pagan Paths message board that's the first place I'd go looking... Ummm- - no... I don't think so.    I then spent some time looking throughout the new index and to my knowledge that was the only place I could find a link to this board. No wonder our message board if shrinking in members.. 

Would someone please look into this? Or is there someone at the main iVillage web-site trying to bury this message board since it's not a mainstream Christian message board?  Having it within the 'Love and Sex' index just isn't right and I feel that someone at iVillage knows it.  >>> Tommy

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Tue, 10-09-2012 - 2:30pm

Hi, Tommy

I wanted to assure you that we're not trying to hide your board. Not at all! The problem is that there's not really a channel that fits it perfectly. (Even our religion boards, as you mentioned religion, don't really have a channel and our politics boards are without a devoted channel, too.) As a result, we have a few boards that don't fit 100% where they are but really don't fit anywhere else any better given our current channel structure. I will pass the concern along though! I understand that it's frustrating when the board isn't easily found, but our 'search' option should help people find it if they are looking, even if it's not easily visible in the message board listing.

Thanks for giving us your feelings! If you ever want to write me directly, you can find me at policy@mail.ivillage.com.