BIL getting the family sued

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BIL getting the family sued
Sat, 10-06-2012 - 6:10pm
As most of y'all know DH's FOO owns a cabin, well BIL been letting his friends use the cabin when ever they want. Someone got hurt out there. I didn't know until rescently that MIL doesn't have insurance on the place {seems grandpa M let the insurance go & MIL couldn't get any} so now MIL, BIL, DH & I are being sued. Now I don't have any claim on this property anymore then I do on those in WA state. So next weekend we have to go down to OR & do deptions. DH tried to keep me out this, I wasn't even told about this for over a yr. So as you can figure I'm ticked off at BIL, yes if I could I would strangle him for allowing this to happen. So dh & I both have to take the 15th off { MIL is treating us all with a nice weekend} MIL & I just talked about it, but I've told her she needs to tell BIL no more allowing friends to use the place. He's allowed the son of 1 of his friends to shoot the place up & nothing was said about it to either BIL or this kid {but DH had to spend a entire weekend repairing the damage~dh was upset about it} so I'm going to have spend Saturday thru Monday with them. Told dh I was either going to be drunk Saturday/Sunday just to deal with them.
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Sun, 10-07-2012 - 3:54pm
The property owner will be the first target of any liability. If that's your MIL she's the one they go after first. The only reason you or anyone else would be asked to give a deposition is to learn whether you or your DH knew about any potential hazard. If you aren't on the deed then you aren't legally liable for anyone getting hurt. Likewise, if you were unaware of any hazard on the property you aren't responsible for anyone getting hurt.
As in most lawsuits the attorney for the person seeking damages goes on a fishing expedition to see what they can find and who else they can hold liable for their client's injury.
If you don't know anything then there's nothing for them to sue you over - unless you knew about BIL's friends and any hazard.
The sad thing is your MIL was stupid to not put the property in a trust and put liability insurance on it. Now she'll probably lose it in a settlement.