Tumbling Utility Bill

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Tumbling Utility Bill
Sat, 10-06-2012 - 7:41pm

I've been working hard at trying to reduce our utility bills since I joined this group nearly (exactly) a year ago.

And the gas/electric has been tumbling down to an all time low.

Of course, last winter was CRAZY warm, and this summer's drought made it impossible to even try to keep up to a nicely watered lawn and landscape.

So I wasn't going to pat myself on the back too much for how much our monthly bills have been coming down, even though I've been working hard to keep my thermostat lower than normal, use a clothes line instead of the dryer, unplug EVERY single unnecessary appliance, keep the lights turned off when not in use, wash clothes in cold water, etc . . .

I was so happy to see this month's bill.  Apparently last month was identical to Sept 2011 in average and mean temperature and billing cycle days, and my gas/electric bill this year was 50%/40% of last year's respectively.

So I guess I truly am making some progress.

This winter our plan is to move our bedroom downstairs and close off the upstairs for the winter.

Oct 2011 we were paying $411 on our monthly budget.  Next month our monthly budget is down to $173.

Hopefully this will continue to save us money!



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Sun, 10-07-2012 - 7:52am

Wow, that is a fantastic savings!! Go you!

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Sun, 10-07-2012 - 11:52am
Impressive savings. Since natural gas prices are so low this year, we are seeing a lot of savings too. We also are using less energy with the kids gone to school, doesn't make up for their tuition, room & board, car insurance or cell phone costs though!
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Sun, 10-07-2012 - 1:55pm

It DOES make a difference! Dh thinks I'm crazy bc I unplug our electronics every night...how could I NOT? the surround sound systems has on page 1 it says, 'this appliance should be unplugged when not in use as it continues to use energy"...

But your savings is almost unbelievable - wow! congrats on a job well done! effort pays off...sweet.


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Mon, 10-08-2012 - 1:27pm
Wow! That is huge. Even if other variables play into that, it is still significant.

We watered our yard just a little bit this summer and ouch! I think another $10-$20 is ALOT for the very little we watered.

Although I don't unplug everything at night, I have started keeping our new printer turned off and only turning it on when we need it.

My electricity seems to have stayed pretty low this season. Waiting until next month or two to get back on equal pay. (It got all messed up the last two years, long story...)

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Mon, 10-08-2012 - 3:42pm

Keep up the good work.  I found myself looking for some of the sticking tape to put around a garage door yesterday.  I know....I've hide it from myself again.  

Utilities are sometimes a no win struggle.  I could do better.  You doing GREAT!



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Mon, 10-08-2012 - 9:28pm

Awww, thanks everyone!

The fact that I made such significant progress likely speaks more about how much I was wasting before, rather than how deligent I am being now . . . I mean with a big old Victorian house, there is sososo much room for improvement.

But obivously it's all good.

And I have been shutting everything off at night.  My Dh switched his cell phone recently, and apparently no longer has one of those engery efficient chargers (that don't use electricity unless they are actually charging).  When I found this out  . . .Oye!!!  Now he knows better, and unplugs after charging his phone.

I'm pretty excited about this winter because hubby has finally decided to move our bedroom downstairs and shut off the entire upstairs for the winter.  Yay!  I'm not sure why this makes me so happy . . . It's partially because I can't wait to see how much money it will save . . . and partially because I think it will be cozy and comfy living in only half of our square footage (we just have too much room now).  Don't get me wrong . . . I do LOVE my house, and I'm sure I'll be moving back upstairs come springtime.