Heart Walk Service Project

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Heart Walk Service Project
Sat, 10-06-2012 - 8:24pm

The American Heart Association Heart Walk was this morning.  The one mom that we know from school (and has Girl Scouts in the younger troop) asked leaders of both cub scout packs and both girl scout troops to have kids come to help (pass out programs, staff the kids area, or whatever).  So, I publicized the date with both my Girls and Cubs families.  After doing that, I got e-mail messages from 2 cub parents saying that they heard that their friend from the other pack was doing this service project and we should look into doing it as well since it's a good thing and close- the one even went so far as to give me contact info for the person in charge- ha!  So, I explained that it was already on our calendar and I had asked everyone to reserve the date.

So, I get my daughter and son ready and we show up at 8am which was the requested time.  My daughter's best friend who lives next door to the park had already arrived and was stuffing flyers.  Not a single other Girl Scout from my troop showed up to help besides my daughter and her friend.  No cubs besides my son showed up... not one.  This kind of makes it no fun for him.  The little girls troop (who's mom is a Heart Association employee) had about 7-8 girls there.  The other cub pack had about 7-8 boys there.

We had fun for a while, got some samples, helped where we could and left the world a little better place.  But I'm so tempted to write an e-mail to the cub pack saying how we worked so hard and made an impression with our presence at the event- all 1 cub scout.  But I know I cannot do that.  I'm just getting very bitter with this because it's affecting my son's experiences.  I don't think I showed him my frustration because we talked about how we were helping out and how it's good to do service when you can.  But he wanted to know where his friends were.


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Sun, 10-07-2012 - 7:04pm
Jen -

I really feel for you. I've been there, done that with my boys before. It's really hard when the other kids don't show up & you were exoecting them to be there. How can you prepare your child to be there "alone" when no one said they were skipping?