Gestational Diabetes

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Gestational Diabetes
Sun, 10-07-2012 - 11:10am

My wife was recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  She also had gestational diabetes with our daughter a few years back.  Does anyone have any tips for controlling gestational diabetes with diet (avoiding insulin shots)?  We were able to do so last time and are hoping to do the same this time.

My wife wants to do VBAC with this baby but gestational diabetes moves her into the high risk category which makes the likelihood of a VBAC a  bit less likely.  

Just wondering, are there any moms out there who had gestational diabetes but were still able to deliver their second child vaginally instead of via c-section?  

As a husband what can I do to be more encouraging/supportive for my wife?   

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Tue, 10-09-2012 - 10:44am
i'm pregnant with my first and haven't had my GD test yet, so i don't have any advice. just wanted to give you kudos for being on here, looking for ways to support your wife. love that!


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Tue, 10-09-2012 - 7:30pm

I've had my GD test, but everything came back normal (as far as I know, thus far). If she had it with a previous pregnancy, I'm sure she already knows what foods to avoid. Talking with an OB for VBAC would be the best option if you're interested in going that route. They will decide what the best/safest delivery option is closer to delivery. I'm sure a lot of it will have to do with how big the baby measures as her due date approaches.

As far as what you could do to be more encouraging/supportive.... You've already done something huge by coming on a women's site and asking questions on behalf of your wife. I'd say beyond that, help around the house as much as possible, help with your first born as much as possible, lots of foot/back rubs, etc. Maybe something like the 3d/4d ultrasound, maternity photos, or spa day would be a nice present- just because... women put their bodies through so much to have a baby.

Personally, I've had two miscarriages before this pregnancy (back to back) and my husband barely lets me lift a finger around the house, cooking, or cleaning. Plus, he's always getting me plenty of water b/c I get winded going up/down stairs.

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Wed, 10-31-2012 - 2:34pm

Thanks for the replies.  I've been trying to step it up a bit more.  I did a Daddy/Daughter day with my daughter on Saturday and gave my wife a much needed rest/break to recuperate a bit.  I was between jobs briefly (about 4-6 weeks) so my wife and daughter are adjusting from having me around more, to having me around a lot less due to the longer commute (vs. my old job) so I thought a break was just what my wife needed.

I'm thinking I'll make this a regular thing even after the new baby arrives--  Every weekend, I'll take our daughter out for a Daddy/Daughter day on either the Saturday or the Sunday.  After my son is born I also plan on some Father/Son days to allow my wife & daughter to continue bonding and to help reinforce with her that we love her just as much as always even with her little brother joining the family.