I Love NFL Football

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I Love NFL Football
Sun, 10-07-2012 - 3:33pm

Thought I'd start a postive discussion.  Too much talk about depression recently, but I hear ya sista's I'm right there with you but for some different reasons rather than  no man - although that's always part of it.

But anyway was out grocery shopping and came home and turned on the Eagles game.  My favorite announcers Troy Aikman and Joe Buck are on.  I'm having some leftover salmon and some wine and am thinking this is great.

Could have gone out to a meetup but am comfortable at home with my wine and own food.

Am also happy that I root for 2 team Bills - my hometown team and Eagles my other home town.

One day I will make it out to the Philadelphia Bills Backers.  Has been on my agenda for a while now - no GF's that are into football, I never can quite make a plan. 

Also kind of amused that I always say in Philly football season doesn't start for me until the weather turns - that's today!!

2 other things for the depressed among us, have you ever tried the supplement St. John's Wort?  I've had some success with that - too chicken to go to the Doc.  Also some of that was probably perio menopausal.  Wish they would tell woman to be on the lookout after 45.

Also alcohol is a huge depressant.  I know that when I drink more than on the weekend I start to feel depressed.  And I don't feel I'm a big drinker, 2 is my limit when I'm out but a lot of times at home I'm doing a food and wine pairing.  Once the bottle is open  I'm having a glass everyday until it's gone.  Something to keep in mind.


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Sun, 10-07-2012 - 7:41pm

Honestly I dont like football but I love baseball and Hockey so if any guy wants to talk sports I can talk baseball and HOckey (lol)...

I feel  more depressed now since its cold and my sinuses hurt and there is something sad about being without a partner now that the holidays are coming around..

I never have tried St.Johns Wort but I heard sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.. what works okay is Vit.D and sunshine and exercise..

Today I wished that someone truly cared about me besides God.. you know someone who  called and gave a rat's ass or took you to doctor when you had to go or just helped with this or that.. Yesterday I wasnt feeling well and I had to drive to grocery store alone in my car and get something. Those are the times I miss having a nice loving SO............My family could care less about what happens so I cry alot..

I keep wondering why we are all alone.and fighting these fights alone.. Life isnt fair but atleast its easier with someone else..

Isnt that why God made Eve for Adam????

so much for not being depressed

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Sun, 10-07-2012 - 4:07pm

So do I!!   And how 'bout the Steelers?   :smileywink:   

I love football too but have been so lax in the past couple years b/c I just dont have anyone to share it with.   Ever so much more fun when you have some you really like, who is close to you, that you can talk debate it without feeling nasty!!!