New Farm Boy here.

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New Farm Boy here.
Sun, 10-07-2012 - 6:40pm

Farm Boy has just opened a new store here in Kingston.  It just last weekend and it's packed with shoppers.  I've been in twice over the last week to pick up a couple of loaves of their bread.  It's their own brand called Classic Crusty and it tastes just like home made bread.  Unfortunately, it doesn't sell cat food or other pet supplies as my regular grocery store.  It does carry lots of fresh produce, meats and other items. 

LOL....I went to pick up some more bread and a pound of butter.  I almost died of a heart attack when I saw the price of their natural butter.  It was $9.95 for a pound.  Yikes, I could get a prime rib of beef for that price.  I did, however, find regular butter for a bit over $3.00.  

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Mon, 10-08-2012 - 9:50am

We don't have Farm Boy stores here.  That's quite a price for natural butter.  Their bread sounds delicious.  I love good bread.




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Mon, 10-08-2012 - 10:17am
I dont think we have that store here,I always buy margerine,wonder if I should swtitch to butter?