Spoilers - Week of October 8

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Spoilers - Week of October 8
Sun, 10-07-2012 - 7:34pm

Phyllis regrets having sex with Ronan 

Leslie phones to let Phyllis know her trial is tomorrow 

Phyllis seeks comfort from Ronan 

Ronan tells Phyllis not to worry 

Phyllis tells Ronan that no one saw her behind the wheel – but she worries about having alienated Kevin 

Summer walks in to see her mother having sex on the couch 

Nick tells Summer that Phyllis’s affair with Ronan isn’t real 

Summer explains that she saw her mom in flagrante delicto 

Phyllis tells Ronan that they have to stop having sex 

Ronan asks to use the shower before he leaves 

Phyllis denies everything to Nick 

Nick horrifies Phyllis with news of Summer’s eyeful 

Ronan wanders downstairs still damp from the shower 

Phyllis asks Ronan to leave as Nick looks on with his jaw on the floor 

Nick asks Phyllis why she did it 

Phyllis explains that Nick left her high and dry 

Nick loses it as the marriage implodes in a painful verbal confrontation 

Tucker welcomes Victor home 

Victor accuses Tucker of causing him harm 

Tucker reminds Victor of the time he conspired with Katherine to take advantage of his coma 

Victor agrees to drop the charges against Sharon in exchange for Beauty of Nature 

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