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So shywon's mention that she is making a Halloween costume made me think of starting another thread.  So shy--what are you making?  It is to wear to school or a party?  I know my kids used to love it if their teachers dressed in up school.

My dance school has dances (informal ones for practice) on Friday nights and they said that the one nearest Halloween we could dress up--they didn't do that last year.  I am tentative about that--I don't want to dress up unless other people are going to do it too.  Instead of doing the whole costume I could do some kind of half hearted thing that I could easily take off--I don't know.  The single parents meetup group I belong to is having a party at someone's house but I have only been to a few events in that group and don't know the people really well so I feel odd about going--I know a lot of people signed up--I wonder how big this persons' house is to have like 40 people at a party.  I did used to like dressing up.

Is anyone else doing any kind of Halloween thing?  And I hate to say it but by now, after 24 yrs of living in this house, I am sick of giving out candy!  We have a lot of kids in the neighborhood but now I'd just like to shut the door & pretend I'm not home.  My son is 17 so he's too old to go out but somehow I know my DD will find some kind of party to go to--that involves a lot of drinking, I'm sure.

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Tue, 10-09-2012 - 11:58pm

I have all of you beat. :-D

This will be my 4th year of going to the KCRW Halloween Masquerade Ball (I always go as V for Vendetta). The costume works in the mystery dept because nobody at the ball knows me, even though over 2,000 people go to it every year. Because I'm 6'6", a lot of the other guests ask if they can get their picture taken with me.

And the day after Halloween, I only have to walk to the next street over from my house, to the big Mexican Day of the Dead celebration they always have at the youth center at the plaza at the end of the street... paper skeletons and yellow flowers everywhere, a live Mariachi band, and plenty of good eats. Mexican Day of the Dead is mostly about remembering all the good times you had with relatives who've since passed away (I could write a book).

One year, a couple of little Mexican boys out trick-or-treating saw me walking down to my buddy's house in my V for Vendetta costume, and said, "look! It's a Zorro!" No hard feelings... from the sound of their voices, it's probably not such a hot idea for kids that age to watch V for Vendetta anyways. ;-)

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Tue, 10-09-2012 - 12:24pm

I'm not going to one this year.  Actually, I haven't been to one in a few years.

Heather's post made me reminisce.  My favorite was one year oh gosh, probably ten years ago, when I went all out (contacts, nice wig, costume, believable fangs) and went as a vampiress.  Everyone was poking fun at me because in every picture that I was a part of, I had my mouth wide open with the "fang pose" expression going . . . hahaha.  Every single picture.  I was so in character.  I loved those fangs!

It's weird, I remember one year I counted close to 100 trick-or-treaters and for the last few years I've had zero.  Last year, I didn't even bother buying candy.  I figure either all the kids in my area have all grown up or parents are just taking kids to the mall these days(it's probably much easier).   

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I have a work H'ween party to go to.  I don't attend every year but it's always a ton of fun.  Drinking, dancing, pretty good food , a fire...and even tho it's on hospital property no one says a word about the smokers!!!  

So, we had a teambuilding/inservice a while back.   There were 3 Mr PotatoHeads and there was a race to see who could complete theirs first.  One had pieces missing, one had everything you needed and one had everything you needed and about a hundred extra!  The moral was something about efficiency, having everything you need and not a bunch of superfluous stuff.

Our running gag when stuff goes wrong is...'Ooops, Mr PotatoHead lost an arm/leg/ear/whatever'

So I am going as Ms PotatoHead.  It's a cheap costume.  $20 Mr & Ms   2 foam hats and sticky lips, eyes, nose.  If I can't find someone to go as Mr, I am going to paste him to my back and go as both.  I figure, I've carried enough men on my back for enough years....one more for one night won't kill me!!!!

I went as witches a lot of years.  Just bought a killer hat, put on some sexy jeans and boots, had a super cool belt that tied on with beaded fringes and played up the mascara/eyeliner.  It was fun, not french maid out there!, but got old after a couple of years.  

One year I made myself and my exDH and three kids Dalmation costumes.   Back in the poor days.  White sweatsuits, sewn on felt dots (why didn't I just iron them on with that tape???) headbands with ears and black noses.  He was a volunteer fireman and our house was full of Disney movies.  It was cute, the kids were thrilled that we dressed up with them and he was really sweet to go along with it!

Wow - that was really long!!!!

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My 2nd ex's friend had this Halloween tradtion where he'd have a pumpkin carving party on the weekend before--we'd do it outside, everyone would bring their own pumpkin and he'd have the tools and patterns.  We'd make pretty elaborate carvings and then after dark we'd put them together & light them up & Have pizza.  It was always really fun.  I first started going to that when my kids were little.  Well now all the kids are grown up.  This guy still does it I think but with one partciular family (my ex's brother's exwife' family) and they are into the generation of grandchildren now.  I do miss going there.

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well around these parts Halloween lasts very long.. we do give out lots of candy and I sometimes go to the Haunted House. I am not going this year because it scared me so much last year.. I do like the harvest festivals and such.. I love to carve pumpkins but they are very pricey this year.. I  might wait until price goes down to buy a few..

I am thinking about the singles dances. They have alot going on for Halloween.. I also dont like to get dressed up but I was looking at some things in the dollar store. I could get something cheap and mix and match and figure it out.. like a black cat or something..

Or I might wait to see if I get invited to a Halloween get together. Havent decided yet and it still seems far off but not really. Things will start being posted for meet ups. I already saw a meet up at a womans house for a Halloween party.. I might just be getting a bit too old for this kind of stuff (lol) but i still like to watch the kids in their costumes..

I do have a tradition where I watch the scary movies like Halloween and Jason and all of them..and they go on all night..I love those and they are old and classic..some are scarier than others. I am a big scardy cat..(lol)


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I live on a busy street and no kids come to my house.

If you don't want to give out candies, just switched off all lights that night and pretend not to be home. That is what my co-worker told me she does.

I used to rent in a place and the house from across me, has a big sign written outside the house, NO CANDY.


My 4.5 year old nephew is already excited about Halloween and has asked me to go trick or treat with him that day.

I think the kids in school talk about it.

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I'm making Alice- Alice in Wonderland. I'm a little worried because its a dress, and the waistline on dresses never hits me right. I measured to be sure I didn't need to lengthen the bodice, but I won't really know for sure until I try it on. It's for school. I don't really have any plans for any parties or anything. The baby's first birthday is the weekend before, so I'm counting on being there. She's still not home, :-(, but hopefully a meeting with a lawyer on Tuesday will change that.