Moanday - 10/8th

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Moanday - 10/8th
Mon, 10-08-2012 - 7:46am

Okay, I've been off my tracking the last few days.   The internet is down at my house more than up - and when it crashes I can't even connect via the Iphone unless I leave home.    But truthfully I've not done great - haven't tracked at all.    Still not cooking at home.  I am hoping to do better starting today, and in the next day or so clean up enough to cook at home again.

Breakfast:  two boiled eggs & turkey sausage (7 points)

Lunch:  Lean Cuisine Pizza (9 points)

Snack:  skipped

Dinner:  Think I'm going to make chili.   :smileyhappy:   I calculated it up separately on WW Online (chili, cheese, fritos) and it comes to 13 points.   So I will just have to watch portions.

Total for the day:   29 points   (allowed 34)




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Mon, 10-08-2012 - 7:55am

Well, I am right there with you. We didn't pay any attention to healthy eating last week. I ate biscuits and sausage gravy at my MIL's, fried chicken in SC, and homemade pecan bars and peanut butter brownies. I am scared to step on the scale.

Breakfast-coffee then ????

Lunch- not sure

Dinner- grilled tilapia, sweet pototes, some veggie-not sure what I have.

Exercise-I want to swim but my throat is hurting really bad this morning and I'm not sure if it's b/c I am sick, b/c of allergies or b/c I burned it yesterday. I am worried that if I am sick I will spread it at the pool. Maybe I will do more Wii walking. I'll see how I feel later today.

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