Weekly Chit Chat 10/8-10/14

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Weekly Chit Chat 10/8-10/14
Mon, 10-08-2012 - 8:45am

Hi Ladies - figured I'd start the thread this week since I happend to be on the boards and noticed it wasn't up yet!  How's your fall going?  Any ideas for Halloween Costumes yet?

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Mon, 10-08-2012 - 9:12am

Hi Ladies - sorry I've been MIA lately, it's been a hectic week at work and I hit the bed as soon as Ashley is down at night so I haven't had much time to be on the computer lately.  But I'm here now to check-in!

Donna - How scary about Jesse and his eye.  how's it looking today?  Did he get into the PCP last week?  You'd think an eye doctor would know the PH of different irritants and not expect a mother to know that......jerk.  Obviously he isn't used to dealing with children, but that's not excuse to behave like that....i wouldn't have returned to him either.  That's sad to hear about Jenna standing by the door waiting for DH and Jesse to return.....but doesn't that show she recogizes people (I thought that was one of the early intervention things they were working on?  Or maybe it was just using mom/dad?)......hopefully she'll figure out a little independence eventually, if those days without them become more frequent.  YAY for having more teeth now!  But teething definitely stinks....we're going through a rough patch right now too.

Cynthia - that's awesome that you're house will be done in 8 weeks (fingers crossed for no delays).  Bummer you can't host thanksgiving, but like Stacey said - there's always next year and hopefully this will alleviate some of the stress of moving in an unpacking/organizing immediately.  YAY for Angie walking on her own!  That's funny that she was "practicing" out of sight.  I understand your dilemma with the whole not catering to her/not ignoring her needs/wants....we're going through a similar thing with Ashley and it drives me insane (especially because DH and I aren't really on the same page with it....makes it hard when things aren't consistent).  That's great if you're mom can help out on Wednesdays and allows you to get the house ready to sell!  DH told his mom that we need her to step up and start taking on more grandma duties :smileywink:

Stacey - glad to hear things are going well for Bruce & Hazel (and your oldest as well!).  I can imagine it will be hard returning to work in a few weeks, but it sounds like things at work are going well for you so hopefully that makes the return a little easier!  It always helps when you enjoy the job you are returning to!

AFM - where to start?!?!  Work has been flowing, which is good, but it means less time for me to read/respond to the boards, so I apologize.  I was just telling DH that due to some of the issues going on here I wouldn't be surprised if there were layoffs (just hoping it wasn't me)....well there were, in our Minneapolis office so now their work is getting shifted here....so hopefully that provides some additional job security for a while.  It stinks being in fear of losing your job :smileysad:

Ashley is doing well.  I've been freaking out because she gained back the weight she lost when she was sick....yay....and then proceeded to lose 2oz this past week (even after I've been going crazy adding "fatty foods" to her diet).  I just realized that while weighing her every week as an infant made sense, we've probably reached that point where weekly weighings doesn't make sense and will only cause me more stress.....my weight fluctuates week-to-week, why wouldn't hers?  So maybe I'll move to bi-weekly or monthly just to cause less stress in me and get more meaningful results from the scale?

We've also had some recent issues with biting at DCP this past week.  The teacher thinks it is teething, because there is nothing provoking Ashley to bite (no fighting over a toy, or frustration on Ashley's part).  She's been great in working with us and Ashley to try to find the problem and figure out a solution.  Friday we brought teethers into school so she would have something other than her friends to chew on and she had no biting incidents.....so hopefully we've found the solution.  While I understand that it's not really a reflection on me or my parenting, I HATE to hear that she's biting her friends.....and there's really nothing I can do about it because she doesn't do it at home.

Other than that, we've reached the end (or almost end) of 1T for my pregnancy and I couldn't be happier.....i'm really hoping to get some energy back because I'm tired of being tired!  We have the sequential screening U/S on Wednesday and after that we'll make our general announcement.  I'm really anxious to see baby again because I always read too much negative stuff online and make myself paranoid that something is going wrong and I just don't know it.....oh the joys of pregnancy!

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Fri, 10-12-2012 - 12:13am
Hi, everyone. Just jumping in quickly.

We are getting ready for DH's parents to visit for a whole week. We are very excited! It is hard living so far from our families.

Charlotte is growing and learning so much. She is really acting like a toddler now (in a good way) rather than a baby. I took all three kids to the park this afternoon, and she was keeping right up with the big guys. She wanted to go down the BIG slide, but I had to put a stop to that...for now. :smileyhappy:

Homeschooling is going pretty well. We're slowly finding an ideal routine. I actually can't wait until next year when our middle child will be home with us instead of at preschool. If didn't love the people at the preschool so much I would pull him out right now. We miss him!

Good night, all.
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Fri, 10-12-2012 - 9:30am

Erica - have fun with your in-laws.  I can imagine it's tough living far from family (how far away are they)?  When DH and I got marred we were 3 1/2 hours away from our families and I told him that before we had kids we were moving "home".....so now we live about an hour from each set of parents.....perfect :smileyhappy:  I'm glad that homeschooling is going so well, but that stinks you are missing your middle son while he's at pre-school.  it's only temporary though and hopefully it's something he enjoys.

Donna - I'm glad there is no permanent damage to Jesse's eye and that you found a new doctor who seems better suited to handle children!  I hope Jenna continues to make progress in her vocalization.....as long as she's understanding things I think that's half the battle.....she's just not ready to speak yet?!?!?!  But I can also imagine how frustrating that must be - for everyone.

AFM - Ashley hasn't had anymore biting incidents this week, so maybe it was just teething and we're past it?!?!  Though she did catch a stomach bug on Wednesday night and proceeded to vomit all over the carseat, herself and the house :smileysad:  It was not a fun night.

My ultrasound appointment went well and we got to see a very active baby....can't wait until I start feeling actual movement! I've actually made the announcement at work so word is starting to spread and this weekend we'll make a general announcement to our friends and family....DH is so excited to start telling people (even though I've already told some of my close friends!).