Weekly Goals, October 8, 2012

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Weekly Goals, October 8, 2012
Mon, 10-08-2012 - 10:37am

We had an actual freeze warning for last night  although our thermometer says it only got dwon to 36.7°F. The sun is out now, it's around 45°, and it's supposed to hit 77 today! Wierd weather --- right in line with the rest of teh year!

How was last week? Get a lot accom[plished? Are you stitching this week?

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Tue, 10-09-2012 - 12:32pm

No, I am not surprised that the bookmarks still haven't been mailed. I'm beginning to think you have an aversion to the post office! LOL

It's a shame you didn't see MaryFrances --- but I suppose there were a lot of people there. So what all did you learn, besides there was a place to buy goodies in Concord?  

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Tue, 10-09-2012 - 2:56am

Not much happening around here.

last week's goals:

Mail the bookmarks for the boys, maybe  Not Done (are you surprised?)  I've decided they'll get mailed with the Halloween cards.

Work on Halloween canvas work project  DONE (and I'm really almost done too)

Bake something if weather is a bit cooler  Not Done, but since I'm signed up to bring refreshments Weds. I guess I'll finally be getting around to it. 

Go to the EGA-GPR meeting on Sat.  (are you still going Mary Frances?)  DONE (didn't see Mary Frances if she was there).  Person I went with wanted to make a stop at a quilt shop in Concord so that was fun.  Even managed to find something to buy of course.

Go to Costco  DONE

this week's goals:

Finish Halloween canvas work project

make refreshments for Guild meeting on Weds.

Go to JoAnne's for fleece to make no-sew scarves for The Living Room (a women's day shelter) at Guild meeting.

Guild Meeting

Work on finances

Farmer's Market


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Mon, 10-08-2012 - 10:46am

Last week, my to-do list was as follows: 


  • - Girls' Night Out - Janice won't be coming and I'm not sure about Mary so maybe there won't be one. === DONE, there was one and we tried a new restaurant (and I could smell curry on my breath for three days after. I LOVE Indian food but I do not like the aftermath!).
  • - CSA pick-up === DONE, only two more weeks and they close down for the winter.


  • - housecleaner comes === DONE,
  • - pay bills and balance the accounts === DONE,

Thursday - work the book sale table for an author's tour at library.=== DONE,. A fairly good show put on by four mystery authors, one of whom I knew form years ago when I was involved with Malice Domestic. Sold a few books and got a few people to sign up for Friends. Sadly, only about 10 people showed up...

Paper crafting - the month's challenge on CraftBubble is travel and I have TONS of travel stamps so the problem is narrowing it down to something really really cool!=== DONE, and posted to the Craft Bubble site

And stitching!  There will be the usual new Take a Stitch on Tuesday === DONE, meltdown, notwithstanding; "Kimono - Revisited"  - The October sections are due out today === DONE, ten of the sections completed; color palette challenge - it's out and I need to select fabrics === DONE;  and "Birds of a Feather" - I'm starting on specialty stitches === DONE, finished Rhodes Squares. Also finished a Stash buster - the very last one! === DONE

Blog photos --- maybe I'll start the downloading from Multiply - uploading to Photobucket this week... and maybe not! 


This week is pretty much more of the same, with a twist!


  • - Girls' Night Out - This week, Mary  won't be coming, so I'm meeting Janice instead. We won't be so adventurous with laces to eat this week - Janice doesn't have the same taste in food as Mary.
  • - CSA pick-up 


  • - housecleaner comes
  • - pay bills and balance the accounts 

Thursday - 7 to 9 AM, volunteer on the phone banks for the local public radio station.

Friday - 

  • - 7 to 9 AM --- more volunteering at the public radio station.
  • - Quilt Guild special program (I don't have a ticket, not even sure I can get in!)

And stitching!  There will be the usual new Take a Stitch on Tuesday; "Kimono - Revisited"  - The October sections - only three more to do; and "Birds of a Feather" - specialty stitches!

Blog photos --- maybe I'll start the downloading from Multiply - uploading to Photobucket this week...