Day off from school, but the big kid is out working on an Eagle project

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Day off from school, but the big kid is out working on an Eagle project
Mon, 10-08-2012 - 11:06am

for a boy in his troop.  Today was concrete work.  I'm not certain J would be of any help with the project, but he's there and trying. They had to be there at 8:00am.  It was 34 degrees.  Helping him pick out clothes that can be ruined was tough.  I didn't want him wearing his only winter coat. We paid a big chunk of change for it with the idea he would wear it again this year. His old shoes absolutely don't fit, his old hoodies and light weight jackets are small and didn't go over layers well. The kid is probably in misery in ill-fitting clothes trying to do a job that he is clueless about. On the plus side, he isn't one to whine.  I just hope the older, larger boys in the troop came out to push the wheelbarrows,etc.  J's been known to tip a yardwaste one.  I'd hate to think of the mess that one with concrete would make.   


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What is the overall Eagle project going to be? How did it go for your son and the project yesterday? And I know what you mean about clothing not fitting... my son went to a Camporee this weekend (2 hours away) and with the rain and cold- it was tough to find him appropriate clothing for a weekend. Also- his feet are not bigger than mine so of course his boots from last year don't fit and my boots wouldn't fit him for the weekend (yeah- I get to keep mine for me!) so he got a new pair. My husband was complaining that since he's now in men's sizes the exact same pair of boots in now $40 more than the largest kids size. We waterproofed and packed them. And then he ended up not wearing them! UGH! Hopefully we will get more use out of them before he grows again. But since he's in Boy Scouts, I'm sure there will be more times (that I as his mom will think) they are needed.