Monday's Update - October 8

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Monday's Update - October 8
Mon, 10-08-2012 - 5:54pm

In the penthouse, Phyllis tells Ronan the sex was a mistake. He thought it was amazing. She says it can't happen again. Phyllis takes a call from Leslie - her trial starts tomorrow. Phyllis worries. Ronan reassures her. He says Chris is the only eyewitness, and Phyllis can trust Kevin. Phyllis tells him Chloe also knows. At the station, Christine appears with Tim Reid's file and calls Michael out on finding a connection between Phyllis and Reid's death - Kevin. She accuses him of not pursuing the case against Phyllis how he should. They bicker. Chris goes through the file and finds out Kevin got a parking ticket a few days after Tim died. The arresting officer tells them about the dumpster and the rug that Malloy told them not to worry about. Christine tells Michael they need the truth - from Kevin.

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