Get that Flu shot now!

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Get that Flu shot now!
Mon, 10-08-2012 - 9:08pm

I asked DW to get a flu shot, for me there free, yet something always delayed getting one. By the way I don't drive and the nearest facility is 25 miles away. Normally my physician recommends delaying till November so I wasn't too concerned.

The last few days I was feeling weak and drowsy, since I'm also trying to diet and reduce my A1C level which I did 6.6 to 5.8 even more. So I mistakenly took my weakness as the effect of my efforts.

Yesterday the flu showed up full force. Besides my every joint hurting/aching my sinuses and asthma went out of control the drainage and coughing went through 1.5 rolls of Kleenex. I doubled the dosages of meds and nebulizer treatments and the steroid nasal atomizer was useless. Even my eyes were in pain. To stop the nasal faucet I used Afrin and it stung almost bringing a tear to my eyes. I suppose one of the visiting nurses gave to me since they all have school age kids.

DW has requested the nurse visits and a visiting household assistant while she is gone. Since I'm an AKA in a wheelchair DW she over worries about me.

In any case I would recommend getting that flu shot now especially you with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue or asthma. Good night,

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Thu, 10-11-2012 - 3:47am
I got it last night at work! As a nurse in TX, I am required, by a new law, to either get my flu shot every year or wear a mask for the entire flu season- October 1st - May 31st! I can't imagine wearing a mask for that long, every single day at work, 12 hours a day! However, my arm is sore and I'm all achey all over, as is typical after I get the shot, every single time. I have been getting the kids their shots, too, for the last couple of years in an effort to keep them from getting me sick, and so far, so good.
I hope you feel better! I know you know it already, but drink lots of fluids, rest, eat soup, and most importantly, WATCH you blood sugar! I can't tell you how many people come in to the hospital with a super high BG because they didn't want to take their meds or insulin because they were vomiting or were really sick and weren't eating. All that stress will raise your BG levels, so do your checks and take your meds!