New to Ivillage-breastfeeding (and extended breastfeeding) mama!

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New to Ivillage-breastfeeding (and extended breastfeeding) mama!
Mon, 10-08-2012 - 9:48pm

I've been apart of iVillage for a few months not but have not partipated in the forums. I figured the other day I may as well jump right in so here I am. 

I am Jamie. I have five children at home (ages 15, 10, 5, 3, and one year on the 17th). I lean toward the natural/attached ways of parenting. We live in a rural town in the Southern Tier of New York where we own a home, a small business. My first priority is my children and Daddy mans the biz location while I stay home with the kids 5 days out of the week. Two days out of the week-give or take- the kids and I go there so I can work and bake. 

We have three dogs and 2.5 cats; two cats are ours and we have one that's a stray that we feed and care for). 

I didn't nurse my oldest at all. I nursed my second oldest for the first few months. Between that time and the time our oldest son was born breastfeeding became more important to me and I become very motivated. My now five year old ended up nursing until we weaned at three. Currently I am nursing my three year old and my almost one year old with no plans to wean either.  I've been breastfeeding one child or another for over five years straight, wowza!

Looking forward to getting to know the others that post in here! 

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HI Jamie, and welcome, it's great to have a new member who has such a wealth of experience to share.

I'm Kathy the board lactation consultant. I'm mom to three grown (formerly breastfed) sons and three wonderful daughter-in-"loves". I'm also grammy to 8, five here and 3 waiting for me in heaven.

I've been an LC for 24 yrs. I've done private practice and now work at a large hospital. I also have been working here on the message board since 1999.

Please feel free to jump in anytime and share your esperience and encouragement.


Kathy Kuhn IBCLC

iVillage lactation consultant

and Grammy to Brennan, Elias, Elianna, Tahlia, Makenna, Maura, Silas, and Charlotte.

Kathy Kuhn IBCLC ivillage lactation consultant Grammy to Brennan, Elias, Elianna, Tahlia, Makenna, Maura, Silas, and Charlotte

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It is amazing how your perspective can change when you begin to look at your own baby.

With my first, I just thought you breastfed for about a year. But as she got past about six months, I began to realise she would be no where near stopping at a year, and decided to nurse her for longer. But then, I became pregnant again, and my doctor told me I had to wean her. This was around 28 years ago, so I did as it was not possible to easily get other sources of informaiton. I weaned the next one at around 18 months.

Baby 3 turned out to have a lot of reactions to various foods - evident from the earliest weeks when he reacted to what I ate. So I embarked on an elimination diet. I then decided not to wean him myself, but to go for as long as he wanted. He weaned around two and a half years. He may have gone for longer if I had not been working by then, and I was around him more.

If I had that experience first, I know I would have extended the time with all of my children.



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Thanks for the warm welcome ladies!

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Great to have you around, Jamie! Jump in!