Ds is having a few issues this year in school!!

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Ds is having a few issues this year in school!!
Mon, 10-08-2012 - 11:17pm

Ds is having a nervous breakdown over H. Geometry. He never had to crack a book before and this class is kicking his rump. It is a sophomore class and he is only a freshman. We got him an engineering student that will help him on the weekends. He is also going into tutoring at school for help and worked with his teacher. She is going to call me on Thursday for a phone conference. She is worried as he is near tears often in class. He approached her about switching to regular geometry. We talked to him and the tutor, and he wants to stay in this class. He thinks he understands some concepts better. Part of his issue is he never had to study before, so this is a whole new skill for him. He was hoping that he could do everything, including reading, studying, preparing for the next day in the usual 20-30 minutes like in middle school. I keep telling him that this is a blessing, he will need these skills in the future. His other classes are doing OK, even German. He took German from age 4 through 6th grade. This was pure laziness on his part and I ripped him apart for his low B in German. It is now a high B and I am SURE getting better.

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