Ttc check in and question of the day..,

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Ttc check in and question of the day..,
Tue, 10-09-2012 - 4:10am
Hi ladies! I wanted to do a ttc check in or roll call. We have new ladies and a few that could find a good ttc buddy. So give us your deets and if your charting post that too. Lurkers too if your out there lets reconnect ladies! Question of the day- its fall. What's your favorite part about the fall season? I'm Cat 31. I'll be 32 on Christmas eve. DH is 33. We are ttc #2. I'm on the pill this month because I am having the worlds longest period. Lol. Hello..Geniuses word records. I had to lie on my ff chart (below in my siggy) to show the date of me taking the pills so I could see if I was going to o but I missed a few temps. I'm a bad ttc'r I know. But I am half way through the pack so it won't be long before we can start dtd again I'm waiting to o Favorite part about fall- there is a local corn maze with horse rides, games, and lots of fun stuff for everyone. It also means pumpkin bread and lots of it. I take my neighbors pumpkins and boils them down and use it to make them loaves of pumpkin bread. It's my favorite!!