6dpo! Sharing symptoms to help the tww!!!

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6dpo! Sharing symptoms to help the tww!!!
Tue, 10-09-2012 - 4:26pm
Ok this is my first thread. Even tho everyday I have been reading these websites since 1dpo. I finally decided to share my own!!!! This is month 1 of ttc. Lost a baby in march of 2012!
So here is my list of symptoms!

Ovulation day-cramping - BD'd on day of ovulation and 2 days before ovulation and 3 days before ovulation
1dpo- slight slight soreness in bbs, cramping still
2dpo- bbs still sore , nipples hurt to touch
3dpo- cramping is gone, bbs still very sore now, nipples still hurt
4dpo- bbs still sore, bad now, pain in boobs is also to the side of each breast.. Feel bruised .. Never have this... Nipples usually become sore a few days before AF... Never ever this early or painful....
5dpo- boobs and nipples still killing me, noticed swelling and heaviness two days ago actually, and my boyfriend has confirmed this is true and I'm not going crazy bc he is loving them :smileywink: also had very real Vivid dreams last night.. All day felt light headed and shakey
6dpo - boobs still sore and heavy nipples stil hurt to touch. Pinching headaches this morning , feeling tired (although I do wake up for work at 315) and light headedness, feeling out of it.. Slight cramps also came back. Decided to test even though I know to early, BFN.

All my symptoms up until today... Although my last pregnancy I had no symptoms except very very tired .. Couldn't even lift my he's after work... But I also wasn't looking for symptoms, pregnancy was a total surprise. I remember I didn't notice/have sore boobs until after I tested an got a BFP ... But I could have had them just not noticed? Anyone with me!?!? Anyone with boob pains right after Ovulation and get a BFP!?!? I need hope!!!! Also I have absolutley no CM. a lot of threads I noticed CM is a good sign!? Help me with the tww!!! Anyone. :smileyhappy:
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Sun, 10-28-2012 - 11:25pm

I curious what your outcome was, did you end up with a BFP or BFN/period starting? I have some of the same symptoms in the same time frame as you had, I don't have the sore boobs (at least I don't yet, fingers crossed, since it seems to be a good sign!).

I'm at 7 dpo right now - definitely way to early to test. I hate not knowing!