Tuesday's Update - October 9

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Tuesday's Update - October 9
Tue, 10-09-2012 - 5:11pm

Avery finds Michael 'hiding' at Jimmy's. He explains he has to grill Kevin and would rather not. Avery's scared for Phyllis. They talk about how Phyllis is when backed into a corner. Summer rushes into Crimson Lights in tears and tells Nick what she saw Phyllis and Ronan doing. He hugs her. She tells him if Phyllis claimed the affair was a cover, she lied. The affair is real. Nick leaves. Fen arrives and she fills him in. At the penthouse, Phyllis and Ronan are having sex. She tells him afterward that he needs to go, but gives him the okay to shower first. Nick shows up shouting. He tells her not to deny her affair - Summer saw them! Ronan appears and they both ask him to go. Nick tells Phyllis that Summer came to make things right and now wants nothing to do with her. He asks if she had sex with Ronan - yes or no. Phyllis admits it, and then hollers at Nick that he left her and Ronan was there for her. Nick yells that she expects loyalty from everyone else and nothing from herself. "You broke up our family not anyone else!" She cries as he goes.

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